Friday night dates – by Estrella Azul

When he offered to walk her home, she agreed without showing her eagerness, distracting him as they kissed passionately in the cab all the way to her apartment.
After she invited him in, she poured a glass of wine, in the blink of an eye sat in his lap, kissed him desirously and continued down on his neck.

A flash of fangs and one bite was sufficient.

It was still early.

She graciously stepped over his bloodless body, glanced at the beautiful black dress’s reflection in the mirror, adjusted a few creases and left to wait for her next date in front of the flat.

The weekend repeatedly turned out to be her favorite time of the week; lonely gentlemen were the most desperate to have a date on Friday night.


39 Comments to “Friday night dates – by Estrella Azul”

  1. This was creepy, funny and everything I’d want from a story, great job!

  2. This is lovely!

  3. I do not generally reply to content but I sure will in this case: Your flash rocks!

  4. I’ve gotta be more careful from now on :P Great flash fiction!

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