What are you doing during Earth Hour 2010?

EarthHourLanternAs you all know Earth Hour is in two weeks (or at least I hope you all know and will also be turning your lights off), on March 27th at 8:30 PM.

Look at the cute lantern I made on the Earth Hour website :) –> 

Anyway, this post isn’t about my creativeness, you get enough of that from my weekly posts of homemade stuff and my creative writing.

This post is about things to do to pass time while you’re doing an unselfish thing like joining the cause and giving at least an hour per year to help the planet breathe for what is just a second for the Earth.

While there are numerous things you could do, let me list just a few of my favorite ideas for making the best of this:

  • A romantic candle lit dinner either indoors or in your back yard if you have one – you can even use floating candles which will only increase the romance. Even if you don’t have a significant other in your life at the moment, a candlelight dinner is a way to add something different to dinner time.
  • Candlelight bubble bath – why not take the chance to just relax for an hour having a nice warm scented bath by candlelight, again a romantic idea or simply just something different from the usual shower.
  • Go star gazing – either in your back yard, on the balcony or on the flat’s rooftop (for me at least) looking up at the starry sky is always an amazing experience.
  • Go for a long walk – it’s healthier both for the environment and you.
  • Talk – communications is important in any relationship, so share what’s on your mind either by phone or in person.
  • Meditate – why not?
  • Go to bed early – sleep is important for a healthy body and mind.
  • Listen to the radio or music – on your phone, iPod.
  • Play games – by candlelight you can really get creative.
  • Spend “quality” time with your significant other (you know what I mean) ;)
  • (Or do what our upstairs neighbors did at 3 AM one night during a power outage: hand saw something.)

So, any other ideas? What will you guys be doing during Earth Hour 2010?

5 Comments to “What are you doing during Earth Hour 2010?”

  1. Nice tips, and truly a great thing to do, turning off the lights every time you don’t need them is great and helpful to both the Earth and bills, but combined effort is a great achievement! :)

    PS: I have a few of those suggestions on my list as well :D
    PPS: that was odd when our neighbors were hand sawing something… that was something I didn’t think you could do at 3AM by candle light.

  2. I am every day trying to conserve home energy use, automobile use, water use ~ we have “smart meters” that tell exactly what the electricity usage is every day and at the end of each month it shows me in comparison to other one-bedroom apartments in my area ~~ after 2 yrs of living here, my usage is about one-third of the average. ;-) {{I have finished but keep redoing my 10 things you don’t know about me list ~ I will let you know, but probably post mid-week.}} *hugs*

    • I am doing my best to conserve energy on a daily basis also, it’s just that I don’t blog about that, this however is a worldwide thing. Yay! :)

      And you’re very good at conserving energy, love how efficient you are! I know from my experience too how great it is on the bills too :)

  3. I had dinner with my parents :)
    You were clear enough on turning off everything :P

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