Happiness is…

This morning I got a bit upset and to relax, I started tidying up, which is my weird way of relaxing, and ended up very much wrapped into my thoughts while cleaning our windows.

I was thinking about life, love and happiness.
Over discussed subjects maybe, but relevant to everyone’s well being and sanity. I brushed off the thinking of an interesting way to list my conclusions for later.

When I checked to see if new posts are up on my bloggie addictions, I found this lovely post on Zebra Sounds. Go read it and comment, it’s among my favorites!

I so needed the reminder! Life can really blur up everything from time to time…
And so I started reasoning again… no matter how hard life is at times, I still have so much to be thankful for.

I strongly believe that the small things that generally might go unnoticed in our lives are the ones that genuinely keep us happy.
So here are the things that don’t just give me temporary bliss, but which serve as a reminder of how much beauty there is in my life.

For me, happiness is:

  1. A flower, note, etc. ‘Just because’ from my fiancé.
  2. Hearing/saying “I love you!” each and every day and seeing the faces of the people who say it.
  3. Being able to laugh even at hard times.
  4. Kindness.
  5. When I can make someone else smile and forget about their own problems even for just a bit.
  6. Writing and reading.
  7. Getting my creative writing published.
  8. Cuddling up on the sofa with my fiancé watching movies, series, etc.
  9. My pets: my sweet little fur ball of a bunny and all 3 cats who let me share the bed with them sometimes.
  10. Being surprised with the exact food I was craving for but didn’t mention it cause I didn’t want to cook myself. (sweets, pizza, cup of cocoa with a tad of milk, etc.)
  11. A bright sunny morning.
  12. Lying quiet and cozy in bed under warm blankets when outside is pouring or cold.
  13. Good hair days.
  14. Things I find fun/funny.
  15. The smell of snow walking on fresh, white, crunchy snow and snowfall (during Winter).
  16. Every night massages.
  17. Being home or taking a walk alone (sometimes).
  18. An unexpected kiss.
  19. A phone call to ask when I’ll be home.
  20. Sleeping in.
  21. Emails (tweets, texts, etc.) from friends who are far away.
  22. Christmas lights.
  23. Traveling.
  24. Lovely decorations in my room/house, flowers, plants, crafts, etc. and the color blue.
  25. Occasional warm, flavored, relaxing bubble bath.
  26. Cleaning, cooking, baking, etc. most household chores.
  27. Being considered and acknowledged as a writer by other writers.
  28. Finding/buying new dinnerware (different plates, bowls, cups, etc.) (Yes, I know I’m weird.)
  29. Time spent with loved ones.
  30. Taking great photographs.
  31. Rainbows and warm weather.
  32. Being asked for my opinion and people actually following through with them.
  33. Seeing cute babies or couples holding hands.
  34. Getting anything I started done and right.
  35. Making everyone I love happy while not forgetting about my own happiness.

Okay, I could go on with the list, but I’ll stop now cause this is getting too long.

If you feel like sharing, leave me a comment and list a few things which get you out a state of sadness, some things that are consequential to your happiness.

And don’t forget to go read Judy’s post too! :)


12 Responses to “Happiness is…”

  1. Great list! Sometimes we just don’t remember to appreciate the small things.

    Playing with my dog, listening to my children laugh and cuddling with my hubby are a few of my favorite things.

  2. This is really great (and long) list :)

    Let’s see… a small part of my list is:

    2. relaxing @ the PC (movie, videos, youtube, music)
    3. taking a walk or a ride somewhere
    4. going shopping to supermarkets, not clothes shopping

  3. Hi, Estrella! I love that you had so many happy things to share! And I too believe that the little things add up to the happiness that keeps us going. I already shared some of my new ones on J’s post. Probably the most important ones, though, are any type of communication/time spent with my daughter and grandchildren. I am so fortunate to have many loved ones in my life. {I posted my “10 things” list on my blog today.} Take care, stay happy! *hugs*

    • Hey Dani!
      I just commented on your 10 things list for the Honest Scrap Award :)
      Thanks for leaving me a comment, but no worries I already saw your comment over at Zebra sounds. Your list of things that make you happy is lovely too! I liked it a lot, makes me wish I had a balcony :)

      *Huge hugs* back at ya, stay happy ;)

  4. I like new dishes too. Haven’t gotten to experience that in a while. Maybe I need to go break a few (which strikes me as something that might also be happy-inducing).

    Lovely list!

    • Yes, well… unsupervised visits to the super market may end with me spending way too much on new dishes… but they’re so nice! :)

      Oh, and I tried breaking dishes and it’s fun! Minus the fun :P
      My mom used to break dishes while washing them and for some reason it was always my bowl, plate, cup etc. she never broke her own…
      So I advise you that if you do go around breaking dishes make sure they’re yours and not anyone else’s favorites ;)

  5. Such a wonderful list. We have many in common. Writing in peace and quiet with a light cool breeze blowing through the open windows makes me happiest.

    T 13 – Magical Creatures

  6. I’ll have to make my own list one day, but for now:

    *My family – and spending time with them
    *Our pets – even when they’re messy
    *Free time – and there never is enough of that…


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