Dreams of the night, dreams of the day

The past days have brought with them many plans and dreams for April. 
Missing the sun remained unchanged, as is the need to transform thoughts into tangible things, giving them life.

While eating chocolate, listening to music, painting plaster crafts this afternoon… everything seems so connected to reality, that even to me, it’s almost strange to find myself here in this place, in this exact moment.
My thoughts are so far from me that all I can do is hope that the invisible thread that links them to me will not break.

I almost always feel like living in a different time than today, and my body moves mechanically, as if expecting to find itself at last in one of my countless dreams.
Dreams of the night, of sleep, signs, codes and mysteries, always restless and strangely abstract, or dreams of the day, the sun and a multitude of colors, fragrant as cotton candy…

Regardless which, to me, it seems as if the dreams are often more tangible than I am…

My imagination working overtime seems to have written this (vague) philosophizing post ;)

Tell it what your thoughts and dreams’ relationship is now that Spring is around the corner (or arrived already, depending on where you live).


3 Comments to “Dreams of the night, dreams of the day”

  1. interesting point of view, love how you wrote these feelings, and i am waiting for Spring too :) for all the little birdies (and bunnies) that come out and “sing” with nature :)

  2. I like this post, nice to peek into your brain like this…

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