Homemade Cleansing Lotion

chamomile I searched for and luckily found some very simple recipes for home-prepared cleansing lotions, make-up removers.

I also found new facial exfoliating recipes so I’ll address that in following Homemade Beauty Product Recipes.

Not much time to post today, so here it is, hope you’ll find this useful :)

Rose eye makeup remover

80 ml rose water
5 ml of aloe Vera gel
5 ml of castor oil
2 g xantan gum
10 drops lemon essential oil (as preservative).

Warm the rose water in a pan, then take from heat and add xanthan gum stirring until it dissolves evenly. Leave to cool, then add castor oil, aloe Vera gel and essential oil.
Of course you can use other oils beneficial to skin, such as rose or rosehip, jojoba, etc.

Easy makeup remover

1 Tbsp castor oil
1 Tbsp light olive oil
2 tsp Canola oil

Blend all ingredients together.

Chamomile Cleansing Milk

1/4 cup cream
1/4 cup milk
2 Tbsp chamomile flowers, fresh or dried

Heat all ingredients in top of a double boiler for about 30 minutes, do not allow milk to boil. Turn off heat and let sit for about 2 hours, strain. Pour into a bottle and refrigerate. Keeps for 2 weeks.

Kiwi Facial Cleansing Cream

1 kiwi, peeled
2 tbsp plain yogurt
1 tbsp almond oil
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp almonds, finely ground

Put the kiwi in a food processor and puree. Add yogurt, almond oil, almonds and honey. It will form a thick and creamy paste.

Skin cleansing solution

Combine aloe Vera gel, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin and essential oils of rosemary and grapefruit.

Blend all ingredients together.

Vegetable oils – whether they are olive, almond, jojoba, etc. are splendid to be used for makeup removal.
Apply on a cleansing drive, which was slightly been soaked in water before, and these cleansing lotions have the advantage that they will not irritate your skin, especially the sensitive skin around the eyes.
Rinse with plenty of warm water.
After cleansing, you can wash your skin with a natural soap or apply a tonic or floral water.


12 Responses to “Homemade Cleansing Lotion”

  1. Oooh, will try some of these. They seem easy enough (for me!) to prepare.

    Especially like the Kiwi cleansing cream.


    • You’re so welcome!
      Doesn’t get any easier to prepare than mixing everything together, this is what I love about these.
      Haven’t tried all of them yet, but the first one is very good (for my skin type at least).

      Let me know how they work for you :)

  2. Oh, can’t wait to try some of these, they do seem easy enough to prepare. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for posting the eye make-up remover recipe. I need some of this! I have this new mascara that is not supposed to be waterproof, but it is a major pain to get off my face. I’ll have to whip some of this up!

  4. Your awesome! Thank you for this. Yep I did hear about the almond oil that it can actually lessen dark circles. Also the natural extra-virgin olive oil for removing makeup while exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. I’ll try some of these and see what works best for my skin!

  5. I’ll have to quickly try some of these recipes, my skin is in desperate need of natural attention…

  6. These are great, us women always worry about fine lines appearing so to have a homemade alternative which isn’t harmful to the skin is amazing!

  7. You’re a good role model :)

  8. So easy to make at home, thank you for the recipe!


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