Look at what I just made;)

Yay! It’s warm, it’s really Spring (or at least so far it is and I hope it either stays this way or gets warmer!).

It’s finally here, my desires were fulfilled, and today I could finally go out with a just a jacket, no scarf, no hat (could’ve used sunglasses too if only I wasn’t so forgetful when it comes to them). It’s incredible how a ray of sunshine, a few degrees in addition to our thermometers, and that’s it, I feel that life is happier, even more so than before, and I’m smiling.

Today I choose to be happy, to be thankful for the beauty of this world!

And now to finally get to the title: I was reading one of Janel’s posts yesterday about Custom Creativity and she suggested this cool website (x3studios) to people where you can download many and/or make your own wallpaper.

I’ll just take a second to point out here that about two weeks ago I downloaded around 250 wallpapers in addition to the many many I already store on my laptop; and since have a program which makes my wallpapers change every minute/hour/day/week whatever I set it to.

So being the wallpaper obsessed person that I am, this suggestion of making my own wallpaper, well it definitely interested me .
I immediately visited, bookmarked and favorited the website, and started working on my own new wallpaper.

I went with a simple design, only used three objects, incorporating my favorite line from Friday night dates.

You can see the results below, and do tell me if you like it ;)

wallpaper friday night dates estrella

As a side note: now my stalkers will be able to download and look at my creation/quote on their own desktop (gluing photos all over their wall is so outdated, right? ;)

PS: how many wallpapers do you have?


10 Responses to “Look at what I just made;)”

  1. Yes, that is an awesome wallpaper!

    I feel so strange…I only have the one on my desktop! But I will go see the site you recommend.

    We only need a light jacket to go outside, so yay for that!

    • Thank you, I was so happy to find that great font. Really looks like blood ;)

      You’re not strange, relax… hope you like the website, the making your own feature is great, leaves room for lots of personalization.

      And that’s great for the weather there, I could finally switch to a lighter jacket today so that’s also where all the excitement came from earlier :)

  2. Love it! I really liked that line from your story and the illustration goes with it perfectly. Glad I could help feed the wallpaper addiction. :)

  3. Cool. I so thought you’d go more… you know… not scary. I like it. Love the way you are always so bursting with creativity! You are inspirational, girlfriend!

    • *blush* for both being inspirational and going with scary on the wallpaper (should’ve warned people).
      But thanks girlfriend (you’re so much more inspirational), and I love how we inspire each other!

  4. really nice creation! love how you made it! congratz ;)

  5. @ All

    So glad everyone liked it, thanks for voicing your opinions guys! :)

  6. That’s a great wallpaper darling, you should do more. for the other flashes and poems too :)


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