Surprise – by Estrella Azul

All the late night yelling and disrespect had ultimately got to him. He couldn’t bear it any longer.
This was nearly infantile, he knew that; and he’d probably get fired from the pet store once his theft was discovered.
However, nothing else came to mind.
He nodded his head once in satisfaction and took a minute to feel just a little bit sorry for the hairy little guys as he shut the jar behind the last tarantula which scurried across his roommate’s quarters.


Thanks to Karen Schindler for editing this piece, for believing in me and all her support without which I wouldn’t have had the courage to start writing.


26 Responses to “Surprise – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Nice work … wow I admire brevity.

  2. The last tarantula? I’m assuming that means there were more. Maybe many more? Now that is scary, and in such a tidy little package.

  3. Nicely done. But, ugh, spiders. /shudder.

  4. Only want to tell, that your blog is really cool and the story is very good.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

  5. Poor spiders! Cool story. :)

  6. bwaah haa haa haa haa!

  7. Ha ha, this was fun! Wouldn’t want to be in the roommate’s shoes :)


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