National Poetry Month is here!

ntl-poetry-button_blue This means, that during the month of April, aside from/or at times instead of my usual flash fiction you’ll get to read one of my poems per week.

*Insert cheers and applause sounds here* ;)

In case you didn’t already know, National Poetry Month was created in the US 14 years ago by the Academy of American Poets and it’s a month-long celebration of poetry and poets, as its name states.  You can search for for National Poetry Month events in your area here and check out an international poetry website here.

If you’re idea drained, here are 30 ways to celebrate.

Also, you can just let National Poetry Month come to you, wherever you are!

Serena Augusto-Cox at Savvy Verse and Wit has organized a month-long blog tour of reviews, interviews, poet showcases, essays, giveaways, and more.  
If you’re interested in the complete schedule click below and read more :)


5 Responses to “National Poetry Month is here!”

  1. I like your idea of posting more poetry, you’re a great poet!

    Congrats again on being interviewed and for showcasing Karen :D

  2. I look forward to you showing me different posts from the blog tour, and as Fery said: more poetry is always good :)

  3. You are very alert, I’m enjoying the stops myself.


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