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2010, April 6

Something right

Interrupting my weekly posting schedule for a special announcement: my post is in two places today, here and over at Janel’s Jumble, but I have a few thoughts I’d like to share here too.

I was listening to Westlife’s songs yesterday, and when my Winamp got to the song entitled “Something right”, even though the song is about love and being loved in a relationship, it got me thinking…

I must be doing something right if I’m this fortunate and have this many amazing, caring, loving friends (and family) cheering me on, if I’m getting published in various places, if my blog is read and I’m having people enjoy my poetry and flash fiction, helping them by providing an idea, a recipe, tips, thoughts they can learn from, and so on.

I’m so touched by everyone’s kindness!

And now let me say “Thank you!” to just some of the people who I’m forever grateful to.

Thank you, Karen Schindler, for being the awe-inspiring person you are, who made all the difference in my starting creative writing career, for being there for me whenever I need your presence even if we’re miles apart!

Thank you, Jon Strother, for starting #fridayflash! My life has forever been changed in the best way possible by starting to write flash fiction and belonging to this amazing group of writers (more on this to come next Monday.)

Thank you, Janel G., for making this interview for National Poetry Month about me and my writing space. It took me by surprise, but nevertheless it’s an honor!

I never imagined this would be where I am today, but I would never give it up! So last, but certainly not least: thank you to all my wonderful readers!

Now head over and read, and comment if you’d like to, the interview and a new poem, especially written for this occasion, on Janel’s Jumble :)

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