Create Your Own Adventure: In a pickle – by Estrella Azul

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I chose her second option: 2. Gather up more kitchen appliances and find more humans to go to war with the Pickle people. Enjoy ;)

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In a pickle – by Estrella Azul

Michael and Latoya managed to quietly round up quite a few terror-struck friends and most of the warehouse store customers, who also saw the Mendigans, to help them in the almost impossible mission they signed up for.

Much to their surprise, by the time they finished discussing the attack strategy it appeared as if they may possibly win this war.
“We all know unwashed vegetables and fruits can become a deadly weapon.” Michael ended his speech.

Hearing voices turned out to be in their best interest at this point as they easily found out the time and place of the enclosing attack.

Arriving to the war zone early, they set up camp, got out the artillery and strategically placed their freshly baked cherry bomb pies, newly made peashooters, walnut, grape and berry spreaders, the salad shooters, melon-, squash- and pumpkin-pults. By the time the Pickle people crept up, they were all holding on tight to their cucumber bows, banana boomerangs and mix purpose sling shots. On the floor next to them, they had gathered all sort of unwashed vegetables and fruits they could find: jalapenos, potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, onions, tomatoes, kernel, lettuce, peaches, apples, pears.

The Pickle people approached in waves, disregarding a fair attack so timing was essential. The mix of fruits and vegetables the human army showered the Pickle people with was varied and all the ammo had different effects.
Some of the Pickle people shriveled up and perished, some sizzled like hot iron when cooled, some fell to the ground all sliced up and some of them instantly melted into puddles of pickles.

As the Pickle people’s army rapidly lessened Latoya suddenly called out. “The Mendigans are transforming back to their old selves!”

Applauding broke the air as the old Mendigans joined in the combat, throwing jars full of pickles and pickle bombs at the last of the Pickle people.

The end.


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  1. I always wondered why the heck they named them “salad shooters”.

    So very much explained now.

    The inventor could see into the future.

  2. Pickle people in a pickle hahaha! Loved it :)

  3. @ All

    Thank you everyone, I’m very happy you enjoyed this little fun writing project :)

  4. Oh, I had so much fun reading this honey, love your imagination :)

  5. A Heartwarming and Adventurous Tale of Friendship and Fortune with a Sci-Fi turn :)

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