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2010, April 12

One stupendous pile of pens

A pen exists to serve a higher purpose.

Each pen knows its destiny and writes waiting for its fulfillment.
As we read their creations we notice that not all the pens are shaped the same, their heads are all different: Reed Pen, Quill Pen, Dip Pen, Fountain Pen… each has its own personality and each pen is special in its own way.

I believe that all pens have their well-established path on this life’s stage; as even with a single written line they trace and create different worlds.

All these pen’s paragraphs, sentences, phrases, words, for me, equal small miracles.

Witnessing the passage of ideas from first pen stroke to end result; is an incredible journey.
Sometimes, somewhere in this voyage, a wonder slides in.
Each week, out of hundreds of penned imaginings, one creation is destined to arrive into certain hands, and when the two meet, time stands still and the hearts, of both reader and written lines, skip a beat.

My heart skips a beat several times a week. Actively engaging with the stories I read, I am pulled under by intense ideas, challenging or reinforcing my old ways of thinking, making the wonder of this journey ever so precious when I resurface.

In addition to these wonderful reading experiences, and fortifying my lifelong passion for everything that creative writing is, the best and most significant “things” I have received from participating in #fridayflash are the countless amazing new pen friends I now have, who I wouldn’t have met, or at least not in such high numbers, if it wasn’t for this stupendous pile of pens #fridayflash contains!


* This is my entry for the #fridayflash Writer’s Contest.
A creative nonfiction piece on what #fridayflash means to me.

(I posted it as a sticky post, so you’ll see it here at the very top of my blog posts until the winners are announced in June.)

** All votes in the poll are much appreciated, thanks a million, I have won second place in the writer’s contest!

2010, April 12

Published poet :)

One of my poems, “Special”, has been accepted last month to Vox Poetica.

This morning, I woke up to an email from Annmarie Lockhart letting me know that my poem is now posted at the today’s words page of Vox Poetica and tomorrow night it will move to the poemblog.

I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Many grateful thanks to Annmarie Lockhart for accepting my poem and thus helping me become a published poet too :)

2010, April 12

Homemade Roll-On Deodorant

It’s true: most homemade deodorants have a shorter protection span, but without potential side effects on our health. Which makes the effort so worth it!

As soon as I read the recipe below I considered it a ‘must do’ cause it was so so simple, and… after using it every night and each morning for the past couple of few weeks I have to admit:
I’m still surprised at how well it works! 


Homemade Roll-On Deodorant

1 used roll-on deodorant container (50 ml is enough)
half container floral water (flower water) or distilled water
half container vegetable glycerin
half teaspoon essential oil of cypress

Instead of a single essential oil, a combination of oils can also be used, such as:
a. geranium, cypress, bergamot,
b. rosemary and lavender
c. lemongrass, lime and orange,
d. sage and pepper, etc.

Pour the glycerin up to half of your roll-on container, dilute the essential oil(s) in the glycerin, then add the floral water.
Shake well before use.

The ‘ball’ of your roll-on container can be levered out gently with the tip of a rounded knife for cleaning and refilling.

This is not an antiperspirant, it will not block pores and therefore does not prevent sweating.
Leaving the skin to breathe, it is an odor preventer.

You may not even need to apply perfume as the scent is strong enough if you add a bit more essential oils.


Hope it will work for you too! :)

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