Homemade Roll-On Deodorant

It’s true: most homemade deodorants have a shorter protection span, but without potential side effects on our health. Which makes the effort so worth it!

As soon as I read the recipe below I considered it a ‘must do’ cause it was so so simple, and… after using it every night and each morning for the past couple of few weeks I have to admit:
I’m still surprised at how well it works! 


Homemade Roll-On Deodorant

1 used roll-on deodorant container (50 ml is enough)
half container floral water (flower water) or distilled water
half container vegetable glycerin
half teaspoon essential oil of cypress

Instead of a single essential oil, a combination of oils can also be used, such as:
a. geranium, cypress, bergamot,
b. rosemary and lavender
c. lemongrass, lime and orange,
d. sage and pepper, etc.

Pour the glycerin up to half of your roll-on container, dilute the essential oil(s) in the glycerin, then add the floral water.
Shake well before use.

The ‘ball’ of your roll-on container can be levered out gently with the tip of a rounded knife for cleaning and refilling.

This is not an antiperspirant, it will not block pores and therefore does not prevent sweating.
Leaving the skin to breathe, it is an odor preventer.

You may not even need to apply perfume as the scent is strong enough if you add a bit more essential oils.


Hope it will work for you too! :)


11 Comments to “Homemade Roll-On Deodorant”

  1. This is easy! Sometimes commercial products give me a rash, so I may give this a try.

    • I was surprised cause most of the products I want to make have ingredients which aren’t available to me, but thankfully this one was easy!

      Hope this will work for you and not give you a rash, hopefully you’re not allergic to the essential oils!
      I applied it right after I shaved my armpits and it didn’t give me that burning feeling.
      Oh, and I didn’t notice any stains on my clothing either.

  2. hmmm sounds interesting – is it sticky to put on? I use a crystal salt rock – I run it under the tap and wipe on. The only time I choose to use a little extra smell control is when I go out during summer – it’s really humid here.

    • It’s not sticky at all (if you don’t over use the right amount of ingredients of course) and it dries as fast as a crystal deodorant
      (I just found and bought a good crystal deodorant, started using it last night. I’ll review that too in a few weeks!
      How long have you been using yours? How often do you need to buy a new one?)

      Let me know when you’ve tried my featured recipe, I’m curious to see if it works for you too!

  3. it works like a charm! you smell really good even after a full day of walking around the city!

  4. I love my citrus scented version of this deo roll, thank you!
    It is amazing how well it works!

  5. Tried this for about two weeks and I still love it!

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