Picture these Whiskers ;)

S7003409-1 S7003412-1

I love this little guy so much! <3


I quickly fixed the “What should I post about today” dilemma.
Like him?
Can you see me in his eyes?

10 Comments to “Picture these Whiskers ;)”

  1. i Love this little fellow too :P he’s the youngest and cutest! :D waiting for pics of the others too :P

    • I know, so far he was the only one who stood still enough for me to take such a great macro photo (in like 3 shots out of 30) :P
      Stay tuned, cause I’ll be posting photos of the other two on upcoming Wednesdays.

  2. Very handsome fellow. He looks a bit like my cat MoMo.

  3. What an adorable face!! I love it :)

  4. What a sweetie! Love these big, beautiful eyes – with you in them!

  5. Love these photos, cute cat!!!

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