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2010, April 16

Simply irresistible – by Estrella Azul

As soon as he approached the front entrance an irresistible aroma hit him.

He was in awe, couldn’t believe his senses while an image of his ancestors hunkered down low to the ground in the African and Asian grass lands made its way into his mind’s eyes; he mimicked their movements.

He recalled how for many lengthy weeks he desired to have this, searched for it frantically, stalked it moving ever so slowly and quietly, but could at no time reach for it as the colorful scent just taunted him from afar.

And now it was there in full view.

Suddenly he burst forth at a full run and sprung on it; at last it was his.
He grabbed it and slid out the cracked door just as the masters came out to spot him:
the cat gripping a mouse trapped mouse in between his pin sharp canines.

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