Simply irresistible – by Estrella Azul

As soon as he approached the front entrance an irresistible aroma hit him.

He was in awe, couldn’t believe his senses while an image of his ancestors hunkered down low to the ground in the African and Asian grass lands made its way into his mind’s eyes; he mimicked their movements.

He recalled how for many lengthy weeks he desired to have this, searched for it frantically, stalked it moving ever so slowly and quietly, but could at no time reach for it as the colorful scent just taunted him from afar.

And now it was there in full view.

Suddenly he burst forth at a full run and sprung on it; at last it was his.
He grabbed it and slid out the cracked door just as the masters came out to spot him:
the cat gripping a mouse trapped mouse in between his pin sharp canines.


10 Comments to “Simply irresistible – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Cute! Love the last line. Now I have the song, Simply Irresistible, running through my mind. :)

  2. This story was so good… i love that every story you write in the end comes out as something completely different from the original thought we get from it, and you surprise me/us :D
    Great story, keep up the good job, surprising us!

  3. Love the viewpoint. I’m sure my kitty thinks the same thing.

    • Thanks!
      I’m sure your kitty thinks the same too :) Has he ever caught a mouse trapped mouse?
      One of our cats about ten years ago came home with one, and he even had to bring it in through the roof and everything from the neighbor across the street from us :P

      So Onyx was in luck, this mouse was at home, saved him a trip. But I imagine this was what he was thinking when he stole it, I’ve seen him wait for the mouse in front of a closet and tried to catch him, reached under the closet with his paw, but couldn’t reach the mouse, it was too far.

  4. The mind of a cat is a scary place. This was cute. :)

  5. And they’re so proud when they drop a headless chipmunk/mouse/squirrel at your feet.
    I wasn’t sure what you were aiming at but was delighted to see it was kitty.
    Fun stuff! (Except for the mousie.)
    My favourite poem is on my favourite camping mug. It features a cat playing a banjo and singing:
    “I loves to eat them mousies.
    Mousies what I loves to eat.
    I bite they tiny heads off,
    And nibble on they tiny feet.”

  6. Great first sentence! Thought there was going to be a delicious dinner involved for a guy.

    Turns out, there WAS a delicious meal… :)

    Love that the cat finally got the prize after all the planning and waiting!

  7. @ All

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed my flash, thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to comment!

    (My writs still hurts, hence the collective thanks) :)

  8. Fun stuff! Great build up to the kitty.

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