Saving money while buying green – Beauty products

Until the beginning of last year, I was pretty convinced that the most expensive creams will keep my skin beautiful. Then, after filling up with chemicals, I found organic cosmetics and discovered there are many natural methods to care for our beauty which don’t cost a fortune (and we can even make them ourselves).

If you already use organic cosmetics or want to switch to organic cosmetics, but they seem too expensive (which, truthfully, is justified by the fact that they don’t contain cheap and high risk ingredients, but instead are made of and enriched with oils and plant extracts in high concentrations), I thought I’d share some ways for you to spend less:

  1. Return to simplicity  
    Try the most natural and effective methods of care:
    a. Olive oil
    Said to be the best body lotion, solution for cuticles, very good for cleansing and moisturizing your face, especially in cold weather.
    In addition it contains precious antioxidants, which fight against free radicals effect and helps skin cells regenerate.
    For make-up removal cold pressed olive oil is recommended, using a cleansing disk moist with warm water.
    Also as a facial cleanser jojoba oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil can be used, the last one being relatively easy to find in supermarkets. Make-up removal with oil is recommended for the eye area and especially in cold weather.
    b. Brown sugar and sea salt
    Excellent for body scrubs that you can prepare yourself incredibly quickly and easily at home by adding a favorite vegetable oil.
    c. Yogurt
    (preferably the natural homemade one instead of store bought) Excellent facial cleanser. 
    d. Honey
    It’s recommended for facial masks (even without mixing it with anything else), but also as a remedy for cracked lips (apply at night). Attention when buying honey though: the supermarket ones are not really desirable, buy it from the farmer’s market or green shops.
    For special facial masks you can also use avocado, clay mixed with honey, cucumber, strawberry, etc.
    e. Baking soda 
    Can be used as a deodorant and deodorizer (in a room, in the fridge, etc.).
    f. Apple vinegar 
    It’s enough to only buy an organic shampoo because you can use balsamic vinegar of apples instead of a bought hair balm, and its results are confirmed by more and more people who want natural care.
    If you’re a perfectionist in the organic beauty department, buy organic vinegar from organic stores (the price is steep, but you’ll see what big difference there is between that vinegar and a regular one; or make your own and that will basically cost you the price of the apples). 
    g. Ice cubes
    Seem to be the best remedy to prevent morning wrinkles: "massage" easily over your face with them.
    h. Cucumber slices
    Improves the dark circles and bags under the eyes better than any cream will.
  2. Prepare some of your own cosmetic products
    See my articles on the topic. You can prepare: exfoliating scrubs, toning water, bath salts, facial masks, lip balm, massage oils, etc.
  3. Make the most of competition 
    Bio cosmetics shops have multiplied fortunately. If you have a favorite brand of organic shampoo and organic cream, check to see if other stores sell the same brand of products and see if any of the conditions are better at different stores (special promotions, clearance sale, transportation if it’s cheaper to shop online).
    Maybe subscribe to newsletters to the online store that sells your favorite brand of organic beauty products, you can find useful information.
  4. Do not forget that the most important thing is your health
    Your skin absorbs what you place on it and even if you spend less buying a well known non-green brand today, tomorrow you could spend more for potential health problems they may cause because of long usage of cosmetic chemicals.
    Organic cosmetics are not blinking ads that convince you that your skin will rejuvenate in a few weeks, they are natural cosmetics, natural health, which will not attack you.
    In addition, they are concentrated, so you’ll use them less and in smaller amounts.
  5. Do not give your money on water!
    Don’t buy cosmetics that have as prime ingredients, and at the very top of the list of ingredients Water (aqua).
    Normally, organic cosmetics’ prime ingredients are aloe Vera juice and herbal oils.
    A body cream normally contains the basic ingredients of olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil etc., Cocoa or Shea butter, beeswax, and as secondary ingredients contain essential oils and plant extracts.
    Moreover, despite any preconceptions that face cream has to contain water as its prime ingredient, there are creams that contain no water at all, but which have great effect and won’t leave you skin feeling greasy (sure everything in moderation).
  6. Use fewer products
    Most probably you don’t need toning water, but if you really want to and your skin feels better with it, make your own, or use a hydrolith (floral water) that can be used on your whole body, not just on the face, and some of them are even great as perfume and deodorant.
    Also, you don’t need a trademarked face mask, but on occasions when you feel the need to use one, you can prepare your own from ingredients you have around the house.
    Furthermore, by using smaller amounts of cosmetics your skin will require less and less.
    The essential is to find a face cream which is good for your skin and preferably organic. And a good shampoo. The rest can go down to No. 2 on the list of beauty products to buy.
    In addition, a face cream can also be used for the neck and cleavage area, and even for body and hands.
    Just don’t really go backwards on this, to use body lotion because the ingredients are cheaper than in face creams, hence the price difference(!).
    Exceptions are the 100% organic products, which are multifunctional.
  7. Do not fall into the pitfalls of corporate marketing of cosmetics
    Cosmetics don’t do miracles, they are only helping along the process.
    If you use a product from a company, that does not mean you have to use all products of the same company (but also don’t change your face cream every month either)!
    Always remove make-up before bed (possibly use organic make-up).
    Finally, choose only what you really need and products of which you know their quality is unquestionable.
  8. Eat healthier
    It’s about time to eliminate fast food products, sweets with refined sugar, fried foods and pastries from your diet.
    It’s important to eat fresh fruit and vegetable salads with flax or olive oil, nuts, seeds, raisins and dried figs, chickpeas, lentils, millet.
    If your skin will gets all the nutrients it needs from food, you will see that it will not require special treatment.
  9. Remember … the best moisturizer is water
    Drink lots of/or enough water (possibly with added lemon juice). This prevents the skin to crack and become dry, reducing the quantity of cosmetics used.
  10. Slightly off topic
    Do not forget that the pictures of celebrities on magazine covers are unreal, and are heavily processed in Photoshop … human skin doesn’t look like "Plastic" and had no pores as seen in magazines and commercials. So ne need to stress.
    After all, beauty lies in attitude, health, naturalness, subtlety and intelligence.

Hope this helped ;)


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  1. wow, really nice tips, i am happy that we are green :) or at least getting green-er with each year :P

  2. “After all, beauty lies in attitude, health, naturalness, subtlety and intelligence.”

    This is so very true!


  3. Wonderful advice! I have many of the ingredients in my cupboard right now.

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