Small steps – by Estrella Azul


Small steps, very small… An attempt;

to transform my fingers into paintbrushes

and extend my thoughts into colors.


small S7004805-1



10 Comments to “Small steps – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Looks like your attempts succeeded. I love the candle holder. :)

  2. I like how you paint with words – well done!

  3. @ All

    Thanks guys, I’m so glad you liked this art post of mine!

    I wasn’t exactly sure what this would turn out to be cause I originally wanted to write a haiku but the extra syllables just wouldn’t fade away…
    So it’s just various forms of art all in one and that’s that :)

  4. I especially like the thoughts into colors part.

    Trying to squish your ideas into a box isn’t always possible. Break the chains and run free I say!!!!

    • So do I, that’s always an appropriate statement for me.
      It’s almost like wearing red when you’re happy and grey when you’re sad, but with creating :)

      And you’re right, boxes and ideas… pushing the limits is more fun! ;)

  5. saying so much in so few words… really nice (and lovely candle holder)!

  6. Wonderful!

  7. You’re an amazing poet, Estrella. You’ve expressed SO much in so few words here, wonderful poem!

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