Crystal deodorants

ImgNcdCrystalBasketMMy new deodorant crystal is by far the most effective deodorant I have ever used! The only other deodorant which comes in second is the homemade roll-on deodorant I made, which I’ll continue to use when I feel like adding extra scent.

You can read about what crystal deodorants are here, and about natural deodorants here.

And here’s my take on deodorant crystals from the few weeks I’ve been using mine.


Crystal deodorants

Pass the crystal deodorants under running water or on the moist skin with a light touch as you normally use your roll-on or other solid deodorants. These crystal deodorants can also be applied on the face, hands, legs, etc.

Crystal deodorants leave an invisible layer of mineral salts on the skin which create an environment unfavorable for bacteria and micro-organisms attracted to moist areas of the body which are the ones responsible for unpleasant odors.

They don’t irritate sensitive skin, don’t clog skin pores and leave no harmful residue on the epidermis. They are ideal even after shaving or waxing as they soothe irritations and redness, they are hypoallergenic and odorless (and recommended for any skin type).

Also, they won’t leave your skin feeling sticky and don’t stain clothes.

Crystal deodorants are also excellent in helping the healing of various cuts or wounds; and immediately neutralize odors of fish, garlic or onions from your hands after cooking. 

These crystals are highly efficient, durable and economical:
one crystal deodorant can last for years (I have just started using mine, but I have friends who have been using the same crystal for over 2 years).

Their size and weight can be variable. Be careful cause they dissolve in water and can break easily, so don’t give them to your kids to play with.


8 Responses to “Crystal deodorants”

  1. I love it too…
    broken bits are great for mouth ulcers…
    you can also apply straight from the shower before you dry that way you don’t have to run under the tap.
    great post

    • Thanks for adding to the tips, it’s welcome at any time!
      Also, thanks for dropping by, I love finding people who also use products I do and tell me how good they are!
      Feel free to do so any time :)

  2. really great stuff… no scent, but other than that it’s really really efficient against perspiration!

  3. This is probably the 4th post I’ve seen recently on natural deodorants. I will definitely give them a try!

  4. I could truthfully be here all day and going into details of why but I also love crystal deodorants. I’ve used them for over 3 years now and think they’re the best :)


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