Wanna come up to my rooftop?

My fiancé bought a HD flip cam a couple of weeks ago and has been filming everything ever since.  Okay… no need to deny it, I enjoy it too ;)

Which brings me to the news:

I renamed my YouTube channel to “The View from Kolozsvár”  and every once in a while I’ll make a video blog sort of thing (and post it here too).
I’m thinking something along the lines of showing all of you bits of this beautiful city, tour you through my favorite places of Kolozsvár, in Transylvania, where I live, and also places I visit here in Romania will be the main objective.

Here’s the first video. 


Hope you enjoyed it :)

6 Responses to “Wanna come up to my rooftop?”

  1. the video is awesome… :) and the idea of this channel is really good!
    i am happy that everyone who is interested in these kind of videos can see now this beautiful city of ours :D

  2. A rainbow! Gorgeous view of the city and sunset.

    This is a great idea. Look forward to seeing more. :)

    • There were actually two rainbows, but by the time we got to the rooftop one of them wasn’t really visible.

      Glad you like the video and my idea!
      I already have two more videos in queue for editing (I just need time and patience now :P)

  3. What a beautiful city and sunset. I have never lived in a city, so I love seeing what it is like.

  4. Hi Estrella! What a wonderful idea! I would love seeing many videos of your city and country! You can count on me to be a regular viewer/follower!! Thanks for sharing with us!


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