Puzzling news – by Estrella Azul

Ever since one lucky lioness discovered and allowed her cubs to play with one of the last remaining genie lamps, the National Wildlife Federation has been trying to solve the puzzling questions behind the sudden increase of obese deer population in Colorado which are very thirsty, slow and have a particular attraction towards lion populations.


27 Responses to “Puzzling news – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Ha! What a super job you did of telling so much in so few words Estrella. Outstanding work!

  2. Good one! It’s like humans wishing to hit the lottery.

  3. Extremely funny! I’m amazed at the word count. :)

  4. Your news FLASH certainly shed light. So did your capacity to tell a tale in 55 … Nice shine, Estrella. ~ Absolutely*Kate

  5. compact, clever and just fun. nice!


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