All planned?

I love spring, and am not totally ready to welcome a melting hot summer (even though right now it’s raining away and I’d rather stay in bed all week!).

But I’m certainly excited at the idea of a break in my schedule, some free time, and why not, even the hope of visiting a place I’ve never been to before? To my wish list I’ll add the following: Hungary, maybe some trips here in Romania, and lots of walks with my fiancé… but it’s not all planned for sure yet. And for once in my lifetime, it’s not a problem!

I’ve been thinking of erasing most of my plans from the face of the earth. I know, it won’t be easy, but it will be interesting and new for me.
So goodbye plans!
And hello wishes needing to make come true! Doesn’t that sound great?

Do you have any plans or wishes to make come true for the summer yet?

And to prove the point of erasing my plans, I’ll just link to a video of mine now, forgot it yesterday ;)


3 Comments to “All planned?”

  1. i am happy for you. you know i don’t really like plans…
    i hope you’re wishes will be fulfilled

  2. We’re getting ready for a week-long vacation. I like to plan things and my hubby doesn’t. Over the years I’ve learned to just accept that we start with a list of places we want to go and we just go from there. Sometimes we don’t get everywhere, but that’s often because we’ve discovered something unexpected along the way.

    • I love to plan things too, but life keeps getting in the way, so I thought I’d change my approach this summer :)

      You sound like my fiancé and I ;)
      A week-long vacation sounds great, I really hope you’ll get to see everything you set out for and discover great places along the way too :)

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