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2010, June 29

Classy handmade bookmarks

I always run out of bookmarks… Always.

I love them, have a lot of different ones, but especially given that I keep most of my books at my mom’s and take what I’m currently reading to my fiancé’s, the bookmarks tend to get forgotten in the books I don’t have with me.

So, after a bit of research on the internet, while expanding my knowledge on decoupaging, I ran across the loveliest way of making my own classy bookmarks, plus I can make all sort of decorative paper from patterned paper napkins with the following paper napkin transfer method.

This one’s for all you avid readers out there ;)

S7006340-1  IMG_5210-1

Classy handmade bookmarks

scribble pad (or a few separate pages)
plastic wrap
patterned paper napkins
extra decoration to your liking: ribbons, tassels, buttons, etc.

Use a scribble pad to place on it a cardboard (cardstock, etc.) cut to the size you want your bookmark to be. On that place a piece of leftover plastic wrap you use in the kitchen, make sure it overlaps the whole surface of the cardboard. 

Cut a piece of napkin that’s slightly bigger than the cardboard, peel it apart like you do for regular decoupaging, keeping only the patterned layer (the rest can be repurposed while cleaning). Lay it on the plastic wrap covered cardboard, turn a few pages of paper over them (depends on how thick the paper is, I used two pages), set your iron to medium (I used an old iron we don’t iron with anymore; be careful not to get plastic on the iron if it’s your everyday iron) and go over the pages where the cardboard is for about 20-30 seconds, applying a bit of pressure. If need be you can go over it again later.

Turn the pages, if the plastic wrap is stuck to them don’t worry it peels right off, get your cardboard off of it, trim around the edges to get rid of the excess napkin and plastic wrap, and you’re done!

You can now start decorating your new bookmark, cardstock, etc.

I cut the edges with special pattern scissors and decorated my new bookmarks with ribbons, old interesting buttons, handmade tassels, roses, etc. Let your imagination go wild!

Happy crafting and happy reading! ;)

2010, June 27

Lesson one: Smile at all times!

Someone asked me yesterday how come I posted such things like my instant obstacle course and funny signs of being tired for everyone to see and laugh about?

The thing is, if I started jotting down all the embarrassing mishaps I’ve ever had in my life so far, it would probably come out to be a very funny anthology.
Ignoring what anyone might think (or not), I do sometimes type out funny things about me and/or that happened to me.

What have I learned from all of them and from sharing with the world (wide web)?

That: a smile can be the ticket out of an embarrassing situation.
And that probably even making a fool out of yourself from time to time isn’t the end of the world :P

It’s all about perspective! ;)

Now it’s your turn, tell me: What’s your lesson number one?

2010, June 25

Signs of being tired

Given how last week was one of the most tiresome weeks of this year, I noticed a few things and remembered a few other things too, which are funny enough for me to share.

Here goes, I know I’m tired when I:

  • answer my personal cell while at home with the line “Hello, flower shop X this is Estrella speaking, how may I help you?”
  • measure a cup of plaster and instead of pouring it into the mixing bowl, I fill up the water cup with it
  • search for the tea kettle in the bedroom, kitchen and pantry for a good 15 minutes before looking for it in the sink, which I passed at least 10 times during the big search
  • read worms (râme) instead of frames (rame) on an ad board…

So… there’s my confession of the day.
How do you know you’re tired? Any similarly funny signs to share?
I promise, it will stay between us! ;)

PS: I know, I totally disregarded my posting schedule this week, but like I’ve said on Monday, I’ll be back to following the usual schedule starting next week.
Already working on my posts and great craft project for Tuesday :)

2010, June 23

(Older) News

I know, I’ve been busy and some of these may be old(er) news… so let’s take this list from latest to oldest news :)

  • My creative nonfiction essay, “One stupendous pile of pens” won second place in the #fridayflash writer’s contest – I’ll post a separate post on this in a few days. Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
  • My story, "Puzzling news” got nominated in the #fridayflash reader’s contest – which is a pretty big deal for me; I’m so so happy people liked my 55 word story that much.
  • As you already know, I won best national poetry month post – and my prize poetry books arrived last week. I’m so excited that I finally have time to read them.

And this part of the post will be short and sweet.

My fiancé graduated last week – I’m so proud of him, on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin.
He’s sweet, kind, compassionate, generous, honest, smart, and is an amazing person overall! (Am I a lucky girl, or what? :) )

20062010417-1Since I didn’t have time for anything besides plaster crafting last week, my mom baked him his favorite, Kinder Bueno cake and I sprinkled the graduation cap on it ;)

Congrats again, Sweetheart! I love you!

2010, June 21

Impressions of the Handmade Fair

Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the days when I feature a new recipe or tutorial of something homemade/handmade, but since I have some news and updates related to handmade stuff, I’ll just skip today’s recipe/tutorial (but will get back to them starting next week, so stay tuned!)


As you all know by now, Saturday was a very special day for me since I participated in a handmade fair, for the very first time as a merchant, as an exhibitor artist and not as a mere buyer.
The fair was a part of the second edition launch of the first Romanian handmade magazine, “Workshop” (translated title).

My impressions? ;)

It all went amazingly well, I received tons of positive feedback which I’m grateful for!
The only setbacks were that it had rained a lot so the customer flow was lower than expected, and we had to clear the space two hours earlier than anticipated which gave us only a couple of hours of fun.

But despite these things, I did have lots of fun, sold enough crafts to even make some profit, which I honestly didn’t think I’d make.
I set out to the fair hoping to just get my crafts seen, because a photo on my business blog is still only a photo no matter how good the image comes out, I introduced a few new products people liked and generally had a great time meeting so many great artists and chatting with customers.

At the end of the day we had such a sweet instant swap – we all added something from our creations into a box and then picked out someone else’s.
I got a pair of beautiful earrings from the swap, and a sea star necklace as a present from my mom who was so supportive she stayed with me and helped out in every way she could. (Thanks hugs to you, mom!)

Oh, and to top off the sweetness and delicacy of this whole day, one of the sponsors was a cafeteria, we had some amazingly tasty cakes ;)

And now, here are a few photos from the fair:

Atelierul MPC My stand and plaster crafts


My new products, butterfly and basket of flowers pendant necklaces

my swap and gift modified

My swap and gift

Atelierul expozanti

The other artist’s stands and beautiful creations

Atelierul cefacemdiseara

This last collage of photos was taken by CeFacemDiseara,
a website which relates to all interesting events in Kolozsvár

2010, June 13

Looking into my crystal ball ;)

Looking into my crystal ball, here’s my prediction for next week –>

  • very little online time
  • very much plaster crafting time (for the)
  • attending my very first handmade fair on Saturday
  • full-blown panicking mode by Thursday
  • missing all of you guys sooo much!

Hope you have a lovely week, see you next Monday! ;)

2010, June 9

One obstacle course coming right up!

I’ve never been known as a clumsy person.

Then again, if you really think about it, it’s not that hard to injure yourself.
The world is full of obstacles; wet floors, stairs, sweet “Let me just crawl under your feet so you can avoid stepping on me while I’m laughing my whiskers off!” kind of cats…

But on Monday… 

I met up with a neighbor at the main flat entrance and held the door open for him while he carried out a bag of clothes.
I then urged another neighbor’s dog to come in and go up home. She came into the hallway, but thought she’d stall for a bit; I think she knew what was coming!

Our neighbor had piles of stuff laying around at the entrance; I had my coat, purse, keys and a folder in my hands.
The result?

Well… let’s just say it wasn’t a “Hey, Estrella, that’s a flat surface, it might be just a tad tricky to walk on” kind of episode, but the singlehandedly proving the laws of physics with a “Darn, these sunglasses work wonders in the dark!” kind of revelation while trying to pick myself up from right before our apartment door and crawling out of the box of stuff our considerate neighbor left in the very center of the unlighted hallway.

I was torn between laughing at myself and the sheer hilarity of the situation, or crying cause my hand really hurt, and looked around; the dog was looking at me attentively while I though to myself “Lassie would’ve warned me…”

My fiancé’s reaction (after being properly concerned): “You should learn how to hop properly, my bunny…”

I’m fine now, several ice sessions later my hand is only slightly swollen, only hurts at strain and is starting to turn into my personal hands-on upside-down map of Africa ;)

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