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2010, June 3

True beauty

I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t preoccupied by their look.
And in the past, I was surprised by the fact that even celebrities I admired had the same worries as most women: not to show a tummy, not to have photos taken from certain angles if they didn’t favor them, etc.

But at the same time, I’ve met a lot of women who radiate with beauty and happiness, even if they don’t necessarily meet the so-called beauty standards.

Evidently, we all have the same complexes.
Some are justified concerns, some are imagined.

We won’t get rid of them by over-dramatizing, or mentioning them every 5 seconds in a conversation, expecting people to convince us otherwise.
But we can (and should) look inside ourselves, discover and acknowledge what makes us special, those small (but more often not small at all) qualities which should make us wake up each morning with a huge smile on our face.

After all (like I’ve said it before), true beauty lies in attitude, health, naturalness, subtlety and intelligence.

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