Homemade Teeth care ideas

 2956924785_d166d3f6fbIdeas for natural teeth care:

1. Prepare your own homemade toothpaste

A basic recipe for toothpaste is baking soda mixed with various essential oils, like peppermint and tea tree usually. If you follow homeopathic treatment it would be better not to use essential oils of peppermint or eucalyptus. 3 tablespoons baking added to up to 10 drops essential oil kept in a glass container is enough to use for approximately a week.
For other combinations you can use white clay and herbal powders. Herbal powders are obtained by drying and grinding various beneficial plants: mint, thyme, chamomile. Combined with clay dust and stored in small containers, mix with water for toothpaste. Another ingredient that can be added is Propolis tincture.

2. Prepare your own homemade mouthwash

The simplest method is to drop up to 10 drops of Propolis tincture or Sage into a glass of water at each use.

3. Natural replacement for chewing gum

To refresh your breath, instead of chewing gum which has sugar and additives, you can try chewing fresh leaflets of parsley, mint, or fennel seeds.

Keep ’em healthy ;)


7 Comments to “Homemade Teeth care ideas”

  1. These are interesting! I suppose that there won’t be foaming action happening?

    And is baking soda mild enough for sensitive teeth, and doesn’t wear away enamel?

    Sorry for all the questions! :)

    • Hey Marisa, don’t be sorry, I’m glad to answer to my best knowledge:

      Not much foaming action, no.
      Baking soda is okay for mild teeth too, and shouldn’t wear away enamel more than normal toothpaste and a power brush or grinding would; it’s not a large enough quantity for any damage.

  2. Wow! I am impressed with your knowledge. And the little teeth are SO cute! *hugs*

    • Thanks, it’s just a recipe I found in a magazine while searching for a good homemade tooth paste recipe or something.
      Found the little teeth on Flickr :)

      PS: may I add that your current kitten avatar is sooo cute!

      • Thank you! My kitty was Jazz. I was lucky enough to have him in my life for 17 years before he got cancer. He’s been gone for three and a half years now, but he’s always with me in my heart. *hugs*

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