One obstacle course coming right up!

I’ve never been known as a clumsy person.

Then again, if you really think about it, it’s not that hard to injure yourself.
The world is full of obstacles; wet floors, stairs, sweet “Let me just crawl under your feet so you can avoid stepping on me while I’m laughing my whiskers off!” kind of cats…

But on Monday… 

I met up with a neighbor at the main flat entrance and held the door open for him while he carried out a bag of clothes.
I then urged another neighbor’s dog to come in and go up home. She came into the hallway, but thought she’d stall for a bit; I think she knew what was coming!

Our neighbor had piles of stuff laying around at the entrance; I had my coat, purse, keys and a folder in my hands.
The result?

Well… let’s just say it wasn’t a “Hey, Estrella, that’s a flat surface, it might be just a tad tricky to walk on” kind of episode, but the singlehandedly proving the laws of physics with a “Darn, these sunglasses work wonders in the dark!” kind of revelation while trying to pick myself up from right before our apartment door and crawling out of the box of stuff our considerate neighbor left in the very center of the unlighted hallway.

I was torn between laughing at myself and the sheer hilarity of the situation, or crying cause my hand really hurt, and looked around; the dog was looking at me attentively while I though to myself “Lassie would’ve warned me…”

My fiancé’s reaction (after being properly concerned): “You should learn how to hop properly, my bunny…”

I’m fine now, several ice sessions later my hand is only slightly swollen, only hurts at strain and is starting to turn into my personal hands-on upside-down map of Africa ;)

18 Responses to “One obstacle course coming right up!”

  1. Thanks for concerned messages, you’re so sweet :)
    As this happened on Monday, I’m okay now, my hand only hurts if I poke on the exact spot of my upside-down Africa map :P
    I do wish I had a free hand to take off my sunglasses, ironic how the only time I can’t/forget to take them off I’m immediately reminded, the hard way ;)

  2. Oh Estrella! This is great writing! I’m torn between laughing and feeling badly for you! I’m so glad you weren’t hurt any worse than your funny little map hand!

    • You can go ahead and laugh, that’s what I did (and I still giggle each time I remember) :P
      And thanks, I’m glad the writing was good, I achieved my goal it means :)

  3. Oh Estrella, bless your heart! I want to feel sorry for you, I do feel sorry for you, but this is so well written I can’t help but crack up laughing. You could use this for a #fridayflash!

    Hope your upside-down map of Africa goes away soon. :)

    • Hmmm… *thinks for a bit* you’re right, this could read as a flash, maybe I will use this for #fridayflash. Thanks :)

      And thanks, the map is doing well, faded a bit (or maybe I just got used to it too much) ;)

  4. I forgot to mention that I am one of the world’s biggest clutzes (spelling?!). I constantly bump into walls, furniture, etc. that I know are there! I always have bruises and don’t even remember how I got them! THAT’s why I could laugh at your “accident”….because I would’ve done the same thing!!

    • Oh, Becky, I feel for you; that sooo can’t be good… but at least you sometimes don’t know how you got the bruises, think of them as a surprise ;)

      PS: I wonder what would’ve happened if you were here with me on Monday? :P

      • OMG! It probably would’ve looked like a scene from The Three Stooges, or Abbott and Costello?? At least, we could’ve laughed together!
        That just reminded me…..I have a couple of crazy stories about rolling/falling down our carpeted steps…..No Lie!…and I need to jot a note about putting them in my book! :)

        • Oh, yes, I’m sure that scenario with the two of us would’ve been something alright!

          And my gosh, that sounds painful… but can’t wait to read all about them in the book :)

  5. Aww, you poor thing. At least you have a great sense of humor about it, and so does your hubby – what a great line!

    I hope you feel better soon. As writers, we have to protect the equipment. Maybe we should take out insurance policies.

    • Well, it’s always a good thing to have a good sense of humor about your own clumsiness too :P

      And that’s an interesting thought, insurance policies on writer’s equipment… although they’d probably deny my insurance as whenever something happens to my hands it’s always the right hand.
      As I’m not a lefty, I’m sure that would raise questions at some point ;)

      I’m better, thanks, map fading away nicely :)

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Estrella. We all have our embarrassing spills. At least this won’t leave a mark that’ll remind you of it.

    • You’re sooo right, John!
      I do have marks which remind me of certain things, but for this one, I’ll have the funny post above which is way better than scars :D

  7. Oh my gosh, I’m laughing so hard while feeling sorry for the fall. It’s a good thing you have such great sense of humor about it!


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