Looking into my crystal ball ;)

Looking into my crystal ball, here’s my prediction for next week –>

  • very little online time
  • very much plaster crafting time (for the)
  • attending my very first handmade fair on Saturday
  • full-blown panicking mode by Thursday
  • missing all of you guys sooo much!

Hope you have a lovely week, see you next Monday! ;)


13 Comments to “Looking into my crystal ball ;)”

  1. Break a leg! i hope you get many many crafts ready :D

  2. Go, Estrella, go! Wear lots of sun screen. Hope you sell out!

    • I hope that cheer comes with the appropriate dances and pom-pons (and not just any pom-ppons, but of the blue color palette) :P

      Thanks for the advice, but it’s an indoors fair this Saturday, but there will be a week-long outside fair at the end of June (not sure if I’m going yet) so I’ll remember to wear lots of sunscreen to that one.

      You’re so sweet, I hope I sell out too :)
      Huge hugs!

  3. Congratulations on getting into the fair! It’s been so long since we’ve chatted I didn’t realize you were getting ready for this. Have fun and make sure you bring a cooler with water and snacks to keep your energy up!

    • Thank you, Janel!
      And yes, I’m getting ready for this, so I don’t have too much online or chatting time on my hands :)
      Can’t wait to get everything ready!


  4. I hope your crystal ball holds lots of fun, too.

    • Thanks you Nessa!

      Yes, that was a hidden message :P
      Since it’s Sunday now, the fair was yesterday and I did have tons of fun, will blog about it tomorrow I think.

  5. Hope it was an absolutely amazing week! How wonderful (if stressful). Want to hear all about it.

    • Thanks honey, like I just answered to Nessa a moment ago, it was an amazing weekend aside from all the stress and sleep deprivation.
      I’m just resting today, but I’ll blog about the fair sometime tomorrow and show you guys photos, etc.

  6. Hi Estrella! Can’t wait to see your pics and read all about it!!

  7. glad you had fun, sounds like a very busy week it was indeed!

  8. Love how focused you are when making your crafts, always keep up the good work!

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