Impressions of the Handmade Fair

Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the days when I feature a new recipe or tutorial of something homemade/handmade, but since I have some news and updates related to handmade stuff, I’ll just skip today’s recipe/tutorial (but will get back to them starting next week, so stay tuned!)


As you all know by now, Saturday was a very special day for me since I participated in a handmade fair, for the very first time as a merchant, as an exhibitor artist and not as a mere buyer.
The fair was a part of the second edition launch of the first Romanian handmade magazine, “Workshop” (translated title).

My impressions? ;)

It all went amazingly well, I received tons of positive feedback which I’m grateful for!
The only setbacks were that it had rained a lot so the customer flow was lower than expected, and we had to clear the space two hours earlier than anticipated which gave us only a couple of hours of fun.

But despite these things, I did have lots of fun, sold enough crafts to even make some profit, which I honestly didn’t think I’d make.
I set out to the fair hoping to just get my crafts seen, because a photo on my business blog is still only a photo no matter how good the image comes out, I introduced a few new products people liked and generally had a great time meeting so many great artists and chatting with customers.

At the end of the day we had such a sweet instant swap – we all added something from our creations into a box and then picked out someone else’s.
I got a pair of beautiful earrings from the swap, and a sea star necklace as a present from my mom who was so supportive she stayed with me and helped out in every way she could. (Thanks hugs to you, mom!)

Oh, and to top off the sweetness and delicacy of this whole day, one of the sponsors was a cafeteria, we had some amazingly tasty cakes ;)

And now, here are a few photos from the fair:

Atelierul MPC My stand and plaster crafts


My new products, butterfly and basket of flowers pendant necklaces

my swap and gift modified

My swap and gift

Atelierul expozanti

The other artist’s stands and beautiful creations

Atelierul cefacemdiseara

This last collage of photos was taken by CeFacemDiseara,
a website which relates to all interesting events in Kolozsvár


15 Comments to “Impressions of the Handmade Fair”

  1. I’m so happy to hear it went well! I love the flower basket and butterfly necklaces. Very pretty and summer-y. Sounds like you had a very positive experience. It’s great that you made a profit and the swap sounded like fun!

    • Thanks, Janel!
      Aside from all the stress of finishing everything on time and the sleep loss, it was a positive experience and sooo much fun!
      I can’t wait to get into another fair :)

  2. it seems like you had fun :D i am happy for you and that you had profit, and that you enjoyed it! i am sorry that they had to kick you all out a few hours earlier before closing time, and i couldn’t come see you :(
    i was like just leaving the house and i got your call that they had to clear the room for something else :( and even the sun came out after that… but after all, this wasn’t bad at all for your first ever fair, now you know things, and you will have more luck at the next ones :D am so very proud of you!

  3. I really liked the photo of all of the butterflies in a puddle with the ribbons. Strung all together they would make a gorgeous mobile for a baby.

    I’m so glad that you had a great experience and MADE A PROFIT first time out. That’s amazing.

    So happy for you !!!!!!

    Karen :0)

    • Thank you, Karen! *blush*
      I’m so happy you liked the butterflies :)
      And that baby mobile idea is actually pretty good, I’ll see if I can make anything of it (if not, I’ll just keep it in mind for when I have a baby) :)

      BIG HUGS right back at ya, honey!

  4. I’m so proud of you darling, love your enthusiasm and commitment to the new business.
    You’re welcome for the help, it was my pleasure!

  5. Yay! How wonderful for you, sweetheart! I absolutely LOVE the way you have painted the flowers in the basket with some filled in, some just the edges ~ beautiful! It’s very exciting to see you expanding your horizons. Wish I could see it in person. *Big Hugs*

    • Thanks, Dani :) I also wish you could see my creations in person.
      I love the flower basket too, although that’s the hardest and takes the longest to paint.

      Big hugs to you too!

  6. Hi Estrella! I’m so happy that it went well for you! You’re such a talented and creative person!!

  7. Wonderful! Great pics – congrats on a great day – hopefully next time it won’t be raining :)

    • Thanks, Michelle!
      Glad you liked the photos, I’m not too satisfied with every one of them as the lighting wasn’t very good, but together they look okay in the collages :)
      And thanks, I also hope it won’t be raining next time :)

  8. Estrella, those are beautiful! Congrats on such a wonderful day, and a profit too!!

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