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2010, June 23

(Older) News

I know, I’ve been busy and some of these may be old(er) news… so let’s take this list from latest to oldest news :)

  • My creative nonfiction essay, “One stupendous pile of pens” won second place in the #fridayflash writer’s contest – I’ll post a separate post on this in a few days. Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
  • My story, "Puzzling news” got nominated in the #fridayflash reader’s contest – which is a pretty big deal for me; I’m so so happy people liked my 55 word story that much.
  • As you already know, I won best national poetry month post – and my prize poetry books arrived last week. I’m so excited that I finally have time to read them.

And this part of the post will be short and sweet.

My fiancé graduated last week – I’m so proud of him, on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin.
He’s sweet, kind, compassionate, generous, honest, smart, and is an amazing person overall! (Am I a lucky girl, or what? :) )

20062010417-1Since I didn’t have time for anything besides plaster crafting last week, my mom baked him his favorite, Kinder Bueno cake and I sprinkled the graduation cap on it ;)

Congrats again, Sweetheart! I love you!

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