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2010, June 25

Signs of being tired

Given how last week was one of the most tiresome weeks of this year, I noticed a few things and remembered a few other things too, which are funny enough for me to share.

Here goes, I know I’m tired when I:

  • answer my personal cell while at home with the line “Hello, flower shop X this is Estrella speaking, how may I help you?”
  • measure a cup of plaster and instead of pouring it into the mixing bowl, I fill up the water cup with it
  • search for the tea kettle in the bedroom, kitchen and pantry for a good 15 minutes before looking for it in the sink, which I passed at least 10 times during the big search
  • read worms (râme) instead of frames (rame) on an ad board…

So… there’s my confession of the day.
How do you know you’re tired? Any similarly funny signs to share?
I promise, it will stay between us! ;)

PS: I know, I totally disregarded my posting schedule this week, but like I’ve said on Monday, I’ll be back to following the usual schedule starting next week.
Already working on my posts and great craft project for Tuesday :)

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