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2010, July 29


I thought for quite a while about weather or not to write a post this … almost too personal. This post is to myself actually, unselfishly starting the sentences with “I”, reminding myself of just a few things I want (to do), which I really miss or want in my life …

I want to relax and rest. To travel and be somewhere where only the horizon is the boundary between earth and sky. A place to feel free to be human. True freedom which actually starts when you realize that natural and moral duties are not conceived in liberty but actually locks the contrary, they are the wind that blows a kite and makes it shine across unknown lands. 

I want to lie on the grass, to close my eyes and feel the wind caress my hair at night … while looking at the starry sky, and in those moments I should feel admiration and an unspeakable gratitude towards whoever still wants me here on this Earth.

The things I fully enjoy in life are very simple: the love behind a cup of hot cocoa with a tad of milk in the morning, a walk in the afternoon, reading, writing, music, flowers in a vase, plants, art and crafts, good food, homemade things, light, rain and rainbows, the warm light of candles in our room …

I hope to live a little while longer in this imaginary world that harbors many thoughts, and which will hopefully fulfill the beautiful dreams I still have.

I remain a glimpse of hope that someday, I’ll say:
… There’s no place like … home.

2010, July 27

Handmade Notebook Covers

Those would be the old school kind of notebooks with paper and stuff, not the modern one I’m currently using to type this post ;)

While searching for something I found (not what I was originally searching for, but) my old journals, and thought to myself: how on earth did I forget about these covers I’ve made? Probably cause I stopped writing a diary back in 2000 or because they were (obviously) hidden well (no, Sweetheart, I won’t tell you where, hence hidden :P).

But as I came across them I knew I had to write a short tutorial to share with you guys, it’s an amazing way to recycle an old pair of jeans, or just clear out the clutter from leftover sewing projects.

Hope you find them as pretty and as easy to make as I do ;)


Handmade Notebook Covers

piece of denim (from an old pair of pants, jacket, etc.), or basically any kind of denser fabric you have laying around
scissors, glue, needle, thread
decoration of your choice: buttons, paper art, stickers, ribbons, seashells, dried flowers, napkin (using the decoupage technique for fabric), etc.

There are more elaborate methods too if you’re into sewing, but here’s the simplest possible way:

Measure your notebook all the way around from front to back while closed then cut your fabric to the measured size and leave at least 3-4 cm-es extra sideways.

Fold onto the material until it’s the right size then sew the seam at the top and bottom so you’ll be forming a pocket for the covers to be held in, and you’re basically done.

Now sew on a pocket or two, readily made that you took off a jacket/pants or make your own, add your decorations and place your new covers on your now prettily personalized notebook.

Have fun! ;)

(and please share photos when yours is done!)

2010, July 25

Recipes of the month: Raspberry Muffins and Cheese Cookies

Allow me to get a bit philosophical here since I missed posting a recipe in June (which I’m making up for right now!).

When you eat something good, it’s like also feeding your soul. Unfortunately everything about the mysticism of good, homemade, simple yet very tasty meals seems to be getting lost (in the world of fast food, chemical coloring, etc.).  

Food = love, or that’s how it should be. We fall in love every day with what we eat, the yumminess and the miracles that the earth offers us.

Every time I’m cooking and baking I have a quote from the movie ‘Just desserts’ ringing in my ears: “True love has true flavor!”

And food is always better if it’s done thinking (or even with the help of) someone you love, and when shared with as much love… well it’s just fabulous!

The following recipes are great, easy and plentiful. Hope you’ll bake them with as much love as I have :)

Something sweet:

page raspberry muffins


Raspberry Muffins

3 cups flour
5 teaspoons baking soda
3 gently mixed eggs
1 and a half cup of raspberry concentrate syrup
1 and a half cup of fresh or defrosted raspberries
powdered sugar

After mixing the dry ingredients, make a whole in the middle, pour in the mix of eggs and raspberry syrup and stir well until you don’t have any flour lumps.

Add the raspberries and gently mix them into the dough. Fill up your muffin tins two-thirds full and bake at 190°C for 20-25 minutes.

Serve with powdered sugar, chocolate/raspberry topping, etc.

* this recipe can be made with basically any kind of fruit (or even mixed fruits); you just need to substitute the raspberry syrup and raspberries with your choice(s).


And something salty:

page cheese cookies


Cheese cookies

500 grams flour
250 grams margarine or butter
4 spoons sour cream
150 grams shredded cheese
1 teaspoon salt
20 grams yeast
1 egg + 1 egg yolk

1 salted egg white for spreading over cookies

Knead all of the ingredients together and leave sit for about half an hour. Then divide into 8, stretch the dough, cut them in any shapes you want and place them in a baking sheet.

Heat oven to about 190 °C and spread the salted egg white over the cookies before baking until they turn golden.

Optionally you can sprinkle some shredded cheese on top too.

Bon appétit! ;)

2010, July 23

Mask of smiles – by Estrella Azul

Daily, we wear masks.

Each for a very different person, each for a certain state of mind.
We have a special mask for our lover, for a friend, colleague, another for parents.
Indefinitely; a thousand masks, which tend to infinity.

Today I’m wearing the mask saying that I miss your love.

The morning started with a cup of hot coffee and the hugs you give every time you say something mischievous to make sure I know you’re kidding.
And then came the phone call from her.

I’m lost in myself. In a mask of smiles and endless longing.

Smiles are the best way to hide everything, especially tears.
They create the illusion of perfection to a certain point. Then, in that moment when you realize it’s just another mask, you should try to go beyond it to see everything clearly.

If you want to understand me, you need to look far, but close enough.

2010, July 21

Can you spot the differences?

I know, I’ve been spending way too much time tweaking my business blog’s new theme, but I’ll just post a quick thought over here.

Okay, so I’ve noticed this a long time ago, way before I had my blog and since I just remembered: I’m wondering…

How do people in the movie industry replace characters? Based on what? Shouldn’t one try and find someone very similar looking to the original actor?

I saw the first Mystery Woman movie and a while after that a few of the following ones and the difference is eye striking.

Why did they replace one of the main characters with an actor who so obviously looks nothing like the original actor?

It’s a mystery :P

In the first movie, Ian Philby is played by actor J.E. Freeman. In the rest of the movies, Ian Philby is played by actor Clarence Williams III. Both great actors, I’m not contesting that but strictly from replacement viewpoint.

I couldn’t find a normal photo of each of them separately, but the movie posters will do.

Can you spot the differences? ;)

actor replacing fail 

Just an observation… :)

2010, July 19

Tips for calming skin irritations

If you have been gifted with flawless skin resistance you probably don’t need a special care ritual after waxing/shaving. However people with sensitive skin, I’m certain, have tested various methods to improve their irritations arising after the removal of unwanted hair.

Let’s see some natural, organic ideas, which will be of much help before and after waxing.

Before waxing

To help those pesky under-skin hairs "exit", the best remedy is peeling. This should be done with a gentle product every day, or two times a week with a rougher product; the whole experience will help remove dead skin cells that block pores. Using a scrub is more than welcome before using razor blades, because, as dead cells are removed, the thread will be cut near the dermis.

For peeling, prepare yourselves a very simple and effective Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrub. It leaves a slight trace of oil on your body, which can be massaged after the shower, leaving the skin so soft, that you can completely give up on using body lotion when you’re done.

If you want to, you could also buy a ready made exfoliating product like a natural soap with oatmeal flakes for example.

After waxing

After the "torture" your skin feels as if crying for some soothing balm, right?

Use a 100% certified organic cream, with fine ingredients and healing, no petroleum derivatives, without urea, parabens or synthetic fragrance.

Try ones which include: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, castor oil, calendula extract, orange essential oil, chamomile essential oil and limonene (the last ingredient is a natural component of essential oil of orange).

Or make your own Homemade Aftershave Balm.


2010, July 17

Shiny snail trails – by Estrella Azul

I looked at him through a veil of tears…

Sometimes, words leave behind them red and painful marks, which resemble shiny snail trails.
And just as slow as a snail’s sliding, words get lost in the enclosed, dark air.
Their traces remain however; bright, silvery, forming winding networks, with a lake of tears at every intersection.
Lakes with toads, snakes and poisonous plants.
No matter how hot a wind blowing over them might be, they don’t evaporate.
And no matter how clean the pouring rain falling on the snail trails might be, they shine just as much as before it; and blind the eye.

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