May you have a colorful day!

Lately my interests are focusing more on tracking the degree in which flowers are blooming. Spring is gone, summer is here and I’m most happy when the sun is shining, shining increasingly more every day.

I love that on most nights we can leave the window open until around 3 AM and it still isn’t cold outside.

How’s the weather where you live?


Breathe in summer with all its beauty :)

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May you have a blooming summer and a colorful day!

14 Responses to “May you have a colorful day!”

  1. Beautiful photos! My giant orange day lilies are going strong right now. At least half a dozen blooming every day!

  2. So Beautiful! We were cold this week at the beach, but it is warming up

  3. Hi Estrella! I live in the Midwest part of the US, where it is typically hot and humid in the summer. The past couple of days have been really pleasant, though, with lower temperatures and humidity. Too bad it’s not like that all summer. I really can’t take the humidity!

  4. It tends to get hot here, and a bit muggy. We still have many things in bloom, many spent, more coming. I have a year round blooming garden, something I worked long on achieving. It’s hard to find plants that bloom in December, January, and February. But I found a nice heather that does just that, so something is in bloom year round in my yard.

    Your photos are beautiful.

    • Such a joy reading about your year round garden, Jon! I can imagine how wonderful it is with the heathers blooming during colder months :)
      Having a year round garden is something I’d love to achieve, except our yard is too small… so house plants and outside summer plants have to be pretty much enough for now.

      Oh, and how are those upside down tomatoes doing?

  5. Gorgeous!!!

  6. Your photos are incredible. As an avid gardener (and a new pond owner) I appreciate the work that goes into keeping plants not just alive, but beautiful as well.

    • Thank you Lisa, that’s so sweet of you!
      (and it makes me wish I had a pond… *daydreams*)

      And thanks for the visit too, hope you found my blog interesting :) Visit back any time!

      • I do enjoy your blog! With the weather reaching 104 today with 16% humidity, hearing about your windows open until 3 a.m. is enviable. Here in Phoenix we get out early so we can do yard work while it’s still “cool” (meaning it’s in the low 90s). Summer monsoon season is approaching, I’m just waiting for the first storm of the season.


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