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2010, July 7

Us against ourselves…

I’m beginning to think everything in this world is against people. Everything.

Nature begins to take revenge, asteroids and planets change their directions, volcanoes erupt and attack us, some people are evil and malevolent to others, food is chemicalized at a rate of 99.99%, medicine makes us addicts without healing us.

Music, books, art in general is violent, dark, ugly, without sense, color or niceness. Shops sell billions of useless products, in promotions that we “can not miss”.

Relationships between people are no longer worth anything, happy marriages are endangered, children and parents who speak to each other are also on the range of disappearing, everything is fake, exchange and trade, products, needs, happiness, people, nature, life…

Everything is against us.

But more than everything, against us are ourselves as unfortunately most crimes occur in the heart, mind and soul.

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