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2010, July 11

Personal Ad and an Award

Personal ad

No, not for me… sheesh… I’m still happily engaged! :)

But, due to the wonders of the internet, I’ve just found Ziggy’s Lonely Goth Hearts 5 minute writing challenge from a while back and decided to give it a try :)

Can you guess who?

Male, thirties, handsome; loves lists and plans ahead.

Looking for a fun time near Halloween.


PS: Will only be in town through October 30-31, so must not lose your head over me!

In case this didn’t ring any bells, I’ll give you a (huge) hint: character of mine in a flash from around last Halloween.

And a long forgotten award

Mari, an amazing writer of zombie flashes and not only, has awarded me with the One Lovely Blog award quite a while back (and I’m ashamed to have only now realized that I’ve totally forgotten about it. Sorry!).
But thank you so much, Mari, I was and still am truly honored!


Now, the rules of the award state that after accepting it/posting about it/thanking the person who sent it I must send this on to 15 newly discovered blogs I like, and I’ll try, but surely won’t reach such a high number.
So I’ll just make up my own rules and award this to a few newer bloggie friends.

I’m passing the award on to:

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