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2010, July 15

Truly unconditional

As I stated in the first part of this older post of mine, I’m still partial to pets over people when it comes to unconditional love.

And I have just the story to prove it.

Ever since I was a little girl, anywhere we went (on trips, visiting with someone, etc.) I could always find a pet to play with, or even a stray one and felt so much better that I played with them while no one else might have.
I’m still like that at 23, finding comfort in just one look from a sweet little furball.

Last week, as I was sitting at my laptop near the window, I heard a kitten’s desperate calling of his mother. At first I thought he’ll find her and eventually go away, but the meowing didn’t stop.
When I went out looking for the kitten I couldn’t find him at first, although I looked for him under the bushes, dumpsters, cars behind the flat. The meowing was getting more and more desperate.
I listened carefully and could hear him very close, but could see nothing…
And then it hit me.
I pushed away the leaves from of the bush I was standing next to, from the top to bottom, and finally found the small black and grey furball. He must have gotten scared from a dog or something, climbed up the bush, but couldn’t climb back down.

I was so happy I found him!

I wanted to take him inside, but as I walked towards the entrance, I noticed a mommy cat and another kitten at the other flat entrance, so I rushed over there thinking it must be her kitten, put him down and he ran straight to the mommy cat.

The mommy cat kind of took steps back even though the kitten was happily rubbing against her, she smelled him various times and kept looking at me as if asking “Why did you bring this kitten here? It’s not mine…”
This fear of mine was reinforced by the fact that the kitten wanted to rub against the other kitten who started running away from him and hissing at him, so he went back to the mommy cat.
He clearly wasn’t her kitten.

Right when I decided to catch him again, take him home and donate him to someone, a few people came by going into the flat and scared the little guy, making him run far to the other entrance.

And here comes the part where I got all teary eyed and sentimental.

The mommy cat looked at me, at her own kitten and then ran over to the other entrance, started licking the little guy I rescued from the bush and brought him back to the other entrance where they get fed and can get into the cellar to sleep.

Sadly, as opposed to so many people who give up, leave, abuse or even kill their child…
that moment when the mommy cat decided to adopt the kitten, to make him her baby even though he clearly wasn’t hers, it made me think how noble, how caring and loving a simple cat can be!


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