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2010, July 21

Can you spot the differences?

I know, I’ve been spending way too much time tweaking my business blog’s new theme, but I’ll just post a quick thought over here.

Okay, so I’ve noticed this a long time ago, way before I had my blog and since I just remembered: I’m wondering…

How do people in the movie industry replace characters? Based on what? Shouldn’t one try and find someone very similar looking to the original actor?

I saw the first Mystery Woman movie and a while after that a few of the following ones and the difference is eye striking.

Why did they replace one of the main characters with an actor who so obviously looks nothing like the original actor?

It’s a mystery :P

In the first movie, Ian Philby is played by actor J.E. Freeman. In the rest of the movies, Ian Philby is played by actor Clarence Williams III. Both great actors, I’m not contesting that but strictly from replacement viewpoint.

I couldn’t find a normal photo of each of them separately, but the movie posters will do.

Can you spot the differences? ;)

actor replacing fail 

Just an observation… :)

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