Mask of smiles – by Estrella Azul

Daily, we wear masks.

Each for a very different person, each for a certain state of mind.
We have a special mask for our lover, for a friend, colleague, another for parents.
Indefinitely; a thousand masks, which tend to infinity.

Today I’m wearing the mask saying that I miss your love.

The morning started with a cup of hot coffee and the hugs you give every time you say something mischievous to make sure I know you’re kidding.
And then came the phone call from her.

I’m lost in myself. In a mask of smiles and endless longing.

Smiles are the best way to hide everything, especially tears.
They create the illusion of perfection to a certain point. Then, in that moment when you realize it’s just another mask, you should try to go beyond it to see everything clearly.

If you want to understand me, you need to look far, but close enough.


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  1. @ All

    Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to read and comment on my flash, I’m so happy you liked it! Sorry for not being too quick to respond during these weeks, life’s hectic around here, as I’m sure it is over at your end too :)
    But I appreciate your feedback ever so much and did/am doing my best to visit you as soon as I could/can!

  2. that was spectacular! when i red it, it felt so… real… 0_o so nice but the hairs on my back did not think the same thing :P

  3. love love love reading your writing.

  4. I have to share with everyone this excerpt of Judy Clement Wall’s post “Complicated us”.
    I’ve just read it and thought to share as it defines the concept which made me write this particular flash:

    “The trouble with getting to know another human being is that we’re so damn tricky. We have this way of smiling when we’re sad, joking when we’re hurt, pretending things don’t matter when they do. We keep secrets and sometimes when we do talk, it’s the words we don’t say that are the most important. We don’t want to hurt each other – or, we do – but either way, we wear masks because both impulses require a certain amount of hiding our truest selves.” Judy Clement Wall

  5. A smile can hide so much just like a real mask, very well written!

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