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2010, July 27

Handmade Notebook Covers

Those would be the old school kind of notebooks with paper and stuff, not the modern one I’m currently using to type this post ;)

While searching for something I found (not what I was originally searching for, but) my old journals, and thought to myself: how on earth did I forget about these covers I’ve made? Probably cause I stopped writing a diary back in 2000 or because they were (obviously) hidden well (no, Sweetheart, I won’t tell you where, hence hidden :P).

But as I came across them I knew I had to write a short tutorial to share with you guys, it’s an amazing way to recycle an old pair of jeans, or just clear out the clutter from leftover sewing projects.

Hope you find them as pretty and as easy to make as I do ;)


Handmade Notebook Covers

piece of denim (from an old pair of pants, jacket, etc.), or basically any kind of denser fabric you have laying around
scissors, glue, needle, thread
decoration of your choice: buttons, paper art, stickers, ribbons, seashells, dried flowers, napkin (using the decoupage technique for fabric), etc.

There are more elaborate methods too if you’re into sewing, but here’s the simplest possible way:

Measure your notebook all the way around from front to back while closed then cut your fabric to the measured size and leave at least 3-4 cm-es extra sideways.

Fold onto the material until it’s the right size then sew the seam at the top and bottom so you’ll be forming a pocket for the covers to be held in, and you’re basically done.

Now sew on a pocket or two, readily made that you took off a jacket/pants or make your own, add your decorations and place your new covers on your now prettily personalized notebook.

Have fun! ;)

(and please share photos when yours is done!)

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