I thought for quite a while about weather or not to write a post this … almost too personal. This post is to myself actually, unselfishly starting the sentences with “I”, reminding myself of just a few things I want (to do), which I really miss or want in my life …

I want to relax and rest. To travel and be somewhere where only the horizon is the boundary between earth and sky. A place to feel free to be human. True freedom which actually starts when you realize that natural and moral duties are not conceived in liberty but actually locks the contrary, they are the wind that blows a kite and makes it shine across unknown lands. 

I want to lie on the grass, to close my eyes and feel the wind caress my hair at night … while looking at the starry sky, and in those moments I should feel admiration and an unspeakable gratitude towards whoever still wants me here on this Earth.

The things I fully enjoy in life are very simple: the love behind a cup of hot cocoa with a tad of milk in the morning, a walk in the afternoon, reading, writing, music, flowers in a vase, plants, art and crafts, good food, homemade things, light, rain and rainbows, the warm light of candles in our room …

I hope to live a little while longer in this imaginary world that harbors many thoughts, and which will hopefully fulfill the beautiful dreams I still have.

I remain a glimpse of hope that someday, I’ll say:
… There’s no place like … home.


7 Comments to “Escape”

  1. yes i think many of us want that :( and i hope we’ll all say that someday!

  2. Estrella, this is so beautiful. Are you my soul twin? My kindred sister? My “other self” on the other side of the world?? When you find that place, please let me know! I’ll be there, too!

  3. That was beautiful… What a lovely place to imagine.

  4. That was beautiful. I positively know that putting dreams into writing helps make them come true. Really. Keep believing and you will live the dream.

  5. You can create this space for yourself. Beautiful imagery.

  6. lovely, lovely, lovely. wwwwhhhhhhooooossshhhhhh <–that's me sending you a gentle breeze for your hair.

  7. I love the way you have written this beautiful personal piece.
    It has rhythm – it’s almost poetic. A delight to read.

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