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2010, August 29

Best of Friday Flash – Volume One


I had the Best of Friday Flash – Volume One under my Awaiting Publication list for a while now, and today I’m pleased to announce that on August 18th #fridayflash history has been made: the eBook is out and available on SmashWords (and will also be coming to trade paperback soon!).

The book contains the best sixty-seven stories written during the very first year of #fridayflash, so you can imagine my excitement of having one of my flash stories, Carving terrific Jack-o’-lanterns, included in the anthology among some of the most amazing writers’ pennings.

*excitedly jumps up and down*

Hope I made you curious enough to head over to SmashWords and buy the eBook, it’s available in most every format, for only $2,99!

2010, August 10

Days when… you need a breather!


There are days when you just want to stick your head in the sand like ostriches, and wait until all the sadness and the pain is wasted and forgotten.
There are days when you don’t know where the darkness and clouds appear from to your sky, and it’s not in your power to simply dismiss them.

There are days when tears are flowing like rivers and streams
and there isn’t a tissue in the world to dry them up.
Days when the pain of your loved ones is your pain, and you would do anything to make it disappear, so you won’t see the sadness in their eyes and so as helplessness won’t break your soul.

There are days you wish you hadn’t crawled out of bed. (Living with roommates, unfortunately I get plenty of those days…)

And then there are days when good and evil are intertwined, when good and bad news come within minutes apart, when you’re suddenly jolly and then sad.

All I can do is to consciously turn and look toward the good parts, and let them fill up my soul and mind.
For the good news, even if they can’t involve my fiancé, is really good:
I’m going to Hungary visiting a few friends, and vacationing in two different cities there!

I haven’t had a real vacation in three years, so, starting today (because of the need to finish some crafts, packing, etc.) I will be taking a breather and staying unplugged until around the end of the month.

I hope you’ll still stop by when you miss me and read my previous posts, my: Creative Writing, my Green Lifestyle and Recipe of the month posts. 

And I hope you know how much I’ll miss each and every one of you!

Have an amazing rest of August ;)

2010, August 8

Recipe of the month: Pineapple Chicken

Since I don’t have too much time on my hands right now but don’t want to miss posting a recipe this month, here’s something very simple, yet mouthwateringly yummy!



Pineapple Chicken

2 pieces of chicken breast fillets,
1 box of canned pineapple,
25-30 g of Trappist cheese
2 tablespoons olive oil

Cut the chicken into thin slices, add a little olive oil on both sides and it takes only a few minutes to fry until gold. On top of the done chicken slice add a slice of pineapple and a slice of your favorite cheese, then roast in oven 10-15 minutes on medium heat (or just leave sit for a few minutes before serving).

(The last couple of times I made this, I cut the chicken and pineapple into small  cubes and sprinkled with cheese when done, turning this into a salad.)

2010, August 4

Look up!

Everyone is busy attending to their full lives, hectic schedules, etc. forgetting to stop and smell the roses or as I wanted to point out, to: look up!

Cause who knows, you might discover an avalanche in the sky.


2010, August 2

Anti and After Mosquitoes Remedies

The warm season is at its peak and with it our problems like mosquito bites. We all ask ourselves: what is the criteria by which mosquitoes select ”victims”?

Well it seems that they are attracted to smells such as perfume, sweat, body odor, and heat.
Ideally you should not use shampoos, soaps, deodorants or detergents containing a large quantity of perfume which thus attract mosquitoes. Unfortunately that’s not necessarily possible.
And since mosquitoes are carriers for a high number of serious diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus, dengue, so it is very important to protect ourselves against their bites.

If we leave for a walk at night, it’s recommended to wear light-colored clothing because mosquitoes are attracted to clothing of dark colors. It’s also better to cover the body as much as possible, including wearing a hat.

Essential oils in combination with alcohol or distilled water, and ointments are wonderful natural remedies readily available for preparation in anyone’s home.

Here’s a list of some oils used as active ingredients against mosquito bites:

Lavender essential oil
Eucalypt essential oil
natural essential oil of Thyme
essential oil of Lemongrass
Tea Tree essential oil
Neem oil (preventive)

After bites solutions:

Alcohol-based remedy

55% alcohol (up to 40 degrees)
32% distilled water
10% Aloe Vera gel
3% lavender essential oil (peppermint, camphor, eucalypt)

Method of preparation and use:
Mix ingredients and put them in a container type spray. Mix well before spraying.
A great chill solution, disinfectant as it also treats skin affected by various skin tingling or irritation.

Oil-based (or cream) remedy

30 ml vegetable oil base
4 drops bergamot essential oil  
4 drops pine essential oil
4 drops tea tree essential oil
4 drops Patchouli essential oil
4 drops geranium essential oil

Method of preparation and use:
Mix well then apply on exposed areas whenever necessary.
If you don’t like the idea of a vegetable oil you can also add the mixture of essential oils in a neutral cream.

Children’s remedy 

71% olive oil (or apricot kernels)
15% beeswax
10% oil marigold
2% Allantoin (rub with a little water until it becomes a paste)
2% tea tree essential oil

Method of preparation and use:
Melt beeswax on steam bath until it becomes liquid, remove from heat, add olive oil (apricot), incorporate marigold oil, stirring continuously (with a mini blender if you have one at hand). When the composition becomes warm but before solidification, add the paste of Allantoin and the drops of essential oil.
Pour in disinfected containers and store in a cool place away from direct light. This ointment keeps well up to six months.
Apply a thin layer to the affected areas whenever necessary.

Preventive solution:

Anti-Mosquito Ointment

78% cocoa butter
20% Neem oil
2% lavender essential oil (or peppermint, or eucalypt)

Method of preparation and use:
Melt the cocoa butter on the steam bath (~ 50-55 degrees), remove from the heat source and incorporation Neem oil, stirring continuously. Before it cools completely drop essential oil and blend further. Before solidification, cast in a disinfected container and store in cool place.
Apply in a thin layer in areas likely to be exposed.

Warning: Neem oil has a smell considered by many to be unpleasant, but also considered very obnoxious by insects. Included in cocoa butter and improved with fresh scents from essential oils, the flavor composition is acceptable.

Hope your summer evenings will be stinging less ;)

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