Look up!

Everyone is busy attending to their full lives, hectic schedules, etc. forgetting to stop and smell the roses or as I wanted to point out, to: look up!

Cause who knows, you might discover an avalanche in the sky.



7 Comments to “Look up!”

  1. Very cool photo! Today our clouds are all fused together. Just one, gray mass.

  2. its great! so beautiful and yet so simple

  3. Ohh, awesome pic! I am always looking up here in Italy. The cloud formations are gorgeous and the sunsets, ahhh…. :D

    I always try to look up and around, not to miss something beautiful waiting to be seen right beside me. Sometimes we do forget.

  4. I love clouds and have this weird thing about noticing them often. I like your photo.

  5. I love looking at the sky, but only when I’m standing still otherwise I may feel queazy

  6. Beautiful photo! And I agree with Paige…the same thing happens to me….unless I’m riding in a car, then it’s fun to look up! Notice I said “riding” ….not “driving”! :D

  7. Neat. It does look like an upside down avalanche.

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