I’ve delayed long enough posting pictures of my vacation. And that’s because I had great expectations of finding just the right words to describe how it all was, as it was, and above all, the wonder that has enveloped me in a pretty, colorful, shiny soap bubble for fourteen days.

Unfortunately I still don’t think I’ve found the right words, and I wish I could open a door in my mind, eyes, ears and my heart so you could take a peek and see exactly the memories laying there.

I’m still working on sorting through all the 1917 photos I’ve made during my trip, so I’m hoping you’ll be patient just a bit longer.

Promise I’ll share the photos and a few thoughts no later than next week :)


11 Comments to “Postponing”

  1. Look forward to seeing your photos. As I’ve seen before, you are quite the wonderful photographer so I’m sure they’ll be wonderful!

  2. OK, I’m trying to be patient. But if I don’t see some pics soon I’ll start hopping around like a toddler doing the potty dance. :P

  3. I’ll wait… *tapping fingers on table*

  4. i heard most of it but still looking forward for you to describe it in your own poetic words :D

  5. So sad, but such a beautiful poem!

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