Trip to Hungary – Week 2

It’s time, it’s time again! Here they are, fresh out of my editing program: vacation photos of my second week in Hungary, come and get them! ;)

It flew by so fast, and I find myself wishing I was back there. I’ll let the photos talk right now instead of me, as pictures really can say 1000 words :)

Week two, in Debrecen, August 21-26


page flower festival 1 page flower festival 2    Flower festival street exhibition downtown


page debrecen zoo Zoo (notice my hand feeding the giraffe :D)


page debrecen zoo 2 Zoo – wood carvings and the Ludas Matyi statue


page downtown debrecen page downtown debrecen 2 page mix debrecen Downtown and mixed photos of the city


page botanical garden 1 page botanical garden 2 page botanical garden 3 Botanical Garden


page love of memories Collective collage of all the wonderful rememberings (the Szabó Lőrincz statue (1st) is my favorite!)


7 Comments to “Trip to Hungary – Week 2”

  1. More great pictures! I love the bookcase sculpture. :)

  2. really nice collages! i think i would really like to visit the botanical garden and zoo and see all the splendid buildings…

  3. Very nice pictures!
    I’m going to Budapest next October. I’m planning to post a lot of pictures from my trip too. I can’t wait to get there! :)

    • I can imagine your excitement, I’ve been over joyous for at least a month before my trip :)
      Budapest is an amazing city too, I’ve been there in 2007 with my fiancé. We took nearly 2000 photos overall, went ot in the morning and got home late at night barely dragging ourselves up the stairs ;) There’s sooo many great things to see!

  4. Beautiful photos.

    I only saw Hungary from the Vienna border and i only saw the gun towers. It was many, many years ago.

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