What I’ve been crafting lately

Okay, so not technically a tutorial this week, but life has this annoying habit of butting in whenever I’d have a few spare minutes and fills them up with work and some more work :)
But thank goodness it does, or restless as I can get, I’d be in trouble!

Here’s what I crafted while in Hungary. There was an event in the first weekend, Tradition Keeping Days (to translate literally), and among other great things, there were stands with craft projects, one coordinated by my friend’s sister, for kids.

But you know me, always up for learning something new, so I made pen/pencil holders for my mom, grandparents and fiancé (after I got the hang of it I remained and helped my friend out with the kids) and at a different stand, a bead bracelet for myself.

crafts in hungary 

After, well actually ever since I came home, I’ve been swamped with plaster crafts orders, especially with these wedding favors.

page wedding favors 

But last week I had a bit of extra time on my hands and also made something pretty for myself. Decorated a wooden jewelry box I bought from Hungary and two folder holders (courtesy of a friend) using the decoupage technique.

page jewelry box

page folder holders


11 Responses to “What I’ve been crafting lately”

  1. I love everything! The decoupage is especially beautiful, but you know I love that bracelet. I can’t resist beads! Some kind of daisy chain or double-thread technique?

    • I’m so happy you liked them, I had so much fun while crafting everything!
      The bracelet is with the double-thread technique I think, though not entirely sure… luckily I could do it again, but this was my first bead project ever :)

  2. i don’t know why (…well, i do..) but all the creations you make are so beautiful…
    i mean there’s a simple wooden box/folder holder, and you turn it into these lovely life-like creations… in the shelf, it looks like you have a little garden… i mean look at them… (in real life they are waaay more realistic…er…. :| ) really really nice job! too bad you can’t make enough for selling them, you would make a fortune!!!

  3. Wow, they’re so nice! You’re so full of energy! I wish I could do all that stuff myself! What is your secret? How can you get so much time and energy to do what you have to do and what you want to do?Please teach me and you’ll be my guru forever!!!

    • Oh, Franny, you’re so sweet!
      I have no real secret, life is happening right now and we need to roll with it, to make it up as we go. I always have things that still need to be done, or I neglect others which aren’t necessarily urgent, like reading, blogging… as you can see I’ve turned my blog into a photo album for the past week, and haven’t really been blogging before that.
      I’m working on finding the balance again, I just need a few days when I can catch up, though (luckily) I’m swamped with orders at the moment. But I’ll get there too.

      I guess the secret is, if there is such a thing, to keep yourself in mind too, remember to take care of things, but of yourself too. Like once in a while just saying enough, let’s make something for myself and finish the rest a bit later :)

      PS: Not much help… but can I still be your guru though? :P

  4. Everything is so beautiful. I love the wedding favors and the jewelry box and magazine boxes are lovely. Small craft projects are dear to my heart.

  5. Amazing, love them all, but I think your wedding favors and decoupage is the most beautiful. But I wouldn’t mind a bracelet like that or a pen holder either… your work is just wonderful!

  6. Your creations are lovely! The jewelry box is truly beautiful.

  7. Your blog is very professional, and I like your crafty projects!


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