Autumn is so here, with the bluest blue sky with red and orange and yellow flowers, scented leaves and a sun falling more asleep with each sunset.

page chestnuts its fall

My little soul is gathered in an unopenable knot at times.
I freeze, then melt, I’m glad, I’m sad… the usual.
I live like a continuous line, not going up, nor down, I float and wait to get somewhere. To finish many projects, to get orders in time, to be able to sit down and write more than a few lines and pass them off as a post.

But I’m autumning…
And I can feel it, something new is right around the corner!

15 Comments to “Autumning”

  1. Love this line: My little soul is gathered in an unopenable knot at times.

    Me too.

  2. Heh, it’s getting in to spring down here in the southern hemisphere. Does that mean that I’d be… springing?

  3. nice post… i love it…. i love autumn… all the beautiful colors… the smell carried by the wind, the burning of leaves, the great big piles of leaves (in witch you can jump sometimes) :D

  4. Sorry I didn’t respond to these comments as soon as I got them.
    But I’m thrilled to see how much you all like fall, the colors and feel to it (and my photos). Have a lovely autumn (or whatever it is where you’re at) everyone ;)

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