Handmade Newspaper Gift Bag

For this week’s tutorial, hope you won’t mind that I’ll share one I found a few weeks ago.

Since we have tons of old newspapers (especially my grandparents) it seems like the perfect bag to place my plaster crafts for a client’s order. Plus I had so much fun making the following handmade newspaper gift bag!


Happy crafting ;)

10 Comments to “Handmade Newspaper Gift Bag”

  1. Those are so cute and easy! I think the comics section would be fun to use.

  2. Adorable, I agree with Janel, the comics would be fun to use. The crossword section would as well. Thanks for posting.

  3. Darling gift bags! It’s funny that Janel mentioned the comics section, because I remember years ago when it was kind of a fad to wrap gift boxes in the colorful comics AND regular pages! But does the ink rub off on the bags? I didn’t read the entire directions, just scanned a bit. Very cute idea!! Thanks for sharing, Estrella! And yes, it made me smile and think and have fond memories!!

  4. My wife will love it! Tks.

  5. So glad you all liked this, and I totally agree, comics section would be fun to use!

  6. Wonderful. This will be great for Christmas. I will use the wrapping paper I have.

  7. This is so cute and what a great idea!

  8. so simple yet so pretty.. :) nice job..really nice job

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