The heart of the mall

I love books. I love ezines. I love all the great new online bookshops. I love libraries.

And I love my books, the ones I inherited from my mom, who inherited them from my grandparents, who inherited some of them from their grandparents.

Which brings me to my love of antiquarian bookshops. I particularly love these books’ stories, which I can only imagine and feel by passing my fingers over their covers.
The smell, the idea of having a book that has gone through many other hands, classics, old editions which you can’t find anymore, plus the lack of many new (and some very bad) books that you usually see today in bookstores.

page my beloved books

Don’t let the appearance fool you,
there’s another row behind them ;)

I don’t really I like to go to the mall. I don’t like the idea, the atmosphere, the people, most anything.
Yet, in the vastness of that space that’s full of clothes, perfume, music, food and flashy jewelry, there’s an oasis.
Right in the middle of everything which points best to consumerism is a heart to it all: an antiquarian bookshop I discovered not so long ago (though I know it’s probably been there for quite a while now, thus proving how much I don’t care about the mall).

Besides the joy that filled me when I got there and forgot about myself while reading the old books’ titles, I imagine that stand to be like a slap in the face of capitalism by existing right there, a slap that brings on smile after smile.

And to make you feel better, the nice lady working there shows you around with honest enthusiasm and repays your purchase with smiles, smiles which many people forget they have the power to give and which urges you to smile yourself and wish you were already home, curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and your newly acquired book :)

What could be better than that? It seems like it’s not that bad to go to the mall after all ;)


10 Responses to “The heart of the mall”

  1. I love poking around used book stores. When I was a kid my parents took me to a store that had a craft store on the lower level and a used book store upstairs!

  2. Ah, I know how you feel! Books are my passion too! I saw once I think the original edition of Treasure Island! Stevenson, my favourite writer ever!!!! My professor showed me his edition proud of his book! I was almost fainting!

  3. yes it’s really nice to have something like that in every mall… and i don’t mean the expensive book stores but these little antiquarian bookstores, where you can find all your classics in decent shape and great price. books aren’t really my passion but i like them… :)

    ps: i do read once in a while :P

  4. I don’t like shopping unless it is for books and then I can lose a whole day.

  5. What a wonderful oasis, as you said! In a mall! And you said something that I always say about books…i love the feel of them..the cover, the pages, and I also love the smell…scent…aroma…whatever word you want to use! :)
    When I was a little girl, I remember pressing my nose down into the center of my coloring book, and what a wonderful smell I thought it had! To this day, I will do that to certain books, but I hardly ever smell that same scent….kind of sad, isn’t it?


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