Recipe of the month: Vargabéles

Thought something quick and simple was in order for October, so here’s a great recipe which can be adapted according to any taste and any season, invented a very long time ago by a Hungarian innkeeper from Kolozsvár named Varga.

I’m so making this with pumpkins this weekend! ;)

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Vargabéles (Varga Strudel-Cake)

1 kg cottage cheese
6 dl sour cream
5 eggs
20 grams margarine
20 grams vermicelli or other kind of noodles
25 dkg powdered sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
10 grams raisins, 2-3 peaches, apples, cinnamon sugar, etc. for decorating to your taste
grated rind of 1 lemon
a bit of oil and breadcrumbs for the baking pan

Boil the pasta, but preferably not too soft. Cool in cold water, drain.

Mix the margarine and the yolks, half the powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and grated lemon peel until it becomes foamy. Add the mashed cottage cheese, sour cream, the vermicelli and raisins. Then add the other half of egg whites to powdered sugar mixed into a hard foam, mix this with the mass too.

Spread in your lubricated, bread crumbed baking pan. Decorate according to your (family’s) taste with pumpkin, peaches, etc.

Bake in moderately hot oven for 30-40 minutes.

Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar, different kinds of syrup, honey, etc.

Bon appétit! ;)


13 Comments to “Recipe of the month: Vargabéles”

  1. Wow, another wonderful recipe to try! Yum!

    • Glad you think so Marisa, let me know when you have tried it :)

      PS: I’m doing my best to post recipes that are more Hungarian or Transylvanian than ones you guys can easily find on any recipe website.

  2. This sounds perfect for the cooler weather we have been getting. I’ve made a similar noodle kugel in the past. I’ll have to give this one a try!

  3. That looks so yummy, I’ll have to get my wife to try the recipe with my favorite: apples ;)

  4. This looks delicious — luckily I have a scale so I can weigh out the ingredients (instead of the American way, which uses measuring cups/spoons) :-). How would you use it with pumpkin? Pumpkin puree spooned out from a can?

    • I know there’s a convertor on where you can convert your measurements if need be, I’ve used it a few times with different American recipes I wanted to try after an apple pie mishap (but in a good way, we ended up with way more than we should’ve) :P

      I thought about boiling the pumpkin, mashing it for a puree and mixing it in with the rest of the ingredients (canned pumpkin puree sounds the same).
      Hope I get a bit of time to try this on Saturday, cause I’m so curious about how it would turn out as this fall recipe :)

      Please let me know how it turns out if you try it :)

  5. Oh, Estrella! This looks divine! And the thought of ME making a Hungarian Strudel is quite exciting! I’ll definitely give it a try! :)

  6. if it looks yummy and tastes yummy… well you figure it out :P have a great baking week-end everyone :))

  7. Looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by What’s Cooking Wednesday! See you next week :)

  8. I love recipes that use seasonal veggies!

    Thanks for linking up to What’s Cooking Wednesday! Hope to see you again next week!


  9. Tried it this weekend with pumpkin puree for Halloween! My, it was awesome :) Thanks so much!

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