Being green

I am green, but another shade than the "eco" in fashion these days.

I don’t care about being "trendy" and don’t embellish reality to sell it better. But I struggle, like you, in the absurd traffic of a gray city, craving a breath of fresh air.
And I wish, like you, for my kids to have a green tomorrow instead of concrete as far as the eye can see to play on.

I’m green, the diffuse shade of hope.


Which shade are you?


9 Responses to “Being green”

  1. Saw your name in the linky from Lori’s Reading Corner Show Me The Money.

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. All this food looks so yummy.


  2. Hope and change, that’s all we can do towards a greener future.
    Loved your thoughts on this matter, I know people who post all sorts of things on their blogs and tell everyone to shut the freezer door when putting away more than one item but then leave their TVs and lights on all day and night, and never take their own advice. I hate hypocrisy.

    PS: great last line: green is the diffuse shade of hope.

  3. Right now I’m feeling very blue! I’ve got so much to do that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed…

  4. I love the idea of shades of green. I’ve learned that I have to be patient and do what I can do right now and be okay with it, otherwise I tend to give up. If I’m kind to myself I end up doing a lot more. Being green can be an infinite task, so much so that we would fear to live life at all. Most of the world is part of a destructive consumerist system. We can help change it, but not by giving ourselves infinite tasks that obscure the bigger issues and make it harder to have systematic impact.

  5. i am on the side of green too of course. but there’s very few people who would like to change something in this concreted world where even in the smallest cracks a thread of grass tries to grow or a flower and someone steps on it intentionally or they cover it up with concrete…. as GreenGirl19 said: Hope and change, that’s all we can do towards a greener future.

  6. I love these thoughts of yours, so simple yet so important for everyone to see how one person changes and maybe follow their lead, start thinking about being green on their own. Nice!

    I for one am happy to be green even if not all the way, but I like sorting my recyclables and saving water, energy, etc. around the house. Plus it does wonders for my bills too :) You’d think people would like to consume less in order to pay less.


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