Thoughts and gratitude

I would like to write more over here. Much more!

So many times interesting things happen, or I have a thought or idea that I’d like to share with the world, but unfortunately I can’t carry the blog everywhere with me. I tried to write in a notebook, but it doesn’t really work… If I reread what I wrote, I get fidgety, it seems childish, I end up tearing it all up and throwing the paper away.

And so, I gather everything in my thoughts, sift them well until they become something better, but often they turn out to become much less to tell by the time I get to type them all out.

So, for today I thought I’d post a small list of things for which I was (and am) grateful for these past weeks:

  • feelings which don’t get lost and don’t fade, but only grow and deepen over time, amazing me more than I ever thought they would almost 5 years ago
  • lots of great books that I’ve found in regular and antique bookshops
  • the arrival of two amazing friends who will be staying in Kolozsvár until May next year *happy dance* (plus I get to actually have conversations in English, not only write and tutor!)
  • the love I can feel around me, and from afar, every day
  • natural cold remedies which work so well that I’m now able to sit here and type this list
  • getting crafts right from the first try
  • the possibility to blog at all

I love you all, even if you are few, hidden behind remaining holidays/vacations, or just life’s hectic ways. Just wanted to let you know, that I’m also grateful for all of you and that I enjoy reading each comment you leave, and discovering each new read hidden behind an extra click I find in my reader stats :)

Hope you have a hot, or rainy weekend (for everyone’s taste), with a hint of autumn reds, yellows and greens, full of smiles and joy! ;)


But before you go, I’m curious: what are you grateful for this week?


18 Responses to “Thoughts and gratitude”

  1. thanks for this post u reminded me of some nice things to be grateful for, like fresh water, good food, family/friends and being healthy and alive – all these are taken for granted and it’s great to be thankful for them as life would probably be very lonely and so much harder without them.

  2. I’m very grateful to have stumbled into your online “home.” I’ll be back!


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