Handmade Halloween Spiders

Last week as I was shopping for supplies in the craft store, I saw a spider in one of the corners. And no, it wasn’t the kind that likes to scare me at least once a month, and nothing like the ones that scared the heck out of me three nights in a row a few weeks ago.

It was a handmade spider, perfect for this year’s Halloween project. So my last minute shopping consisted of chenille wires of which now spiders decorate my half-remade chandelier in a pretty glow in the dark spider web.

Plus it’s super easy!

page halloween spiders  page spiders on chandelier

Chenille Wire Spiders


different colored chenille wire


Take one chenille wire, fold it in 4, twist it a few times in the middle, then cut the ends so you get 8 individual ends. These will be the legs.

Take another chenille wire (same size as the first) and wrap it around a round object about 4-5 times (like a glue stick, marker, etc.). Use the ends to twist around in one place so the round parts don’t unfold. This will be the abdomen.

Place the abdomen on top of the legs and twist so that you’ll get the ends of the abdomen piece as the palps.

Place anywhere and you’re ready to scare your family and friends ;)


PS: you can make the spider webs too out of chenille wire (I only bought enough for the spiders)


Happy crafting ;)


10 Responses to “Handmade Halloween Spiders”

  1. yes they are so lifelike, especially on the fluorescent spider web… it gives me the creeps @ night but i know taht we have the best spiders in our flat =)) nice job :P:*

  2. I love these and I’m sure my kids will love making them. I don’t mind these kinds of spiders either. :)

  3. Oh my heavens how cute are those spiders? Clever, clever you.

  4. These are awesome! I know what I will be doing with my kids this evening.

  5. Cool! This brings back memories, we used to make spiders too in school, but yours look a lot better!

  6. @ All

    Thanks for liking my post and chenille spiders, they really are cute ;) (cuter than I would’ve thought any kind of spider could be)

    PS: I want to see photos if you make some!

  7. we gon’ party tonight with those spiders, i have some chenille wire laying around the place somewhere ;)

  8. I made these with different colored wires, ending up with multicolored spiders. Spiders have never looked as cute – thanks!


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